Hollywood Fright Night

To peek at the bone-chilling good time had by all, please click HERE or on the “Autumn” tab above! 

Photo by Sheri L. Grant

Photo by Sheri L. Grant

Who says just because you’ve passed on to “the other side” that you can’t dine in luxury?

Join these legendary ladies of Hollywood’s most spine-tingling, edge-of-your-seat, wet-your-pants movies for a ghoulish yet stylish midnight supper. They’re just dying to have you for dinner…literally!!! Among the once shining stars on the guest list: Carrie White (Carrie, 1976), Regan Macneil (The Exorcist, 1973), Annie Wilkes (Misery, 1990), Kayako Saeki (The Grudge, 2004; The Grudge II, 2006 and The Grudge III, 2009), Baby Jane Hudson and Blanche Hudson (Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, 1962), Peyton Flanders (The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, 1992), Norma Desmond (Sunset Boulevard, 1950), and the elusive Mrs. Bates (Psycho, 1960).

To peek at the bone-chilling good time had by all, please click HERE or on the “Autumn” tab above! After all, Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Happy Halloween!!!

I’m delighted to once again join the stylemakers of Susan’s Tablescape Thursdays and the Style Sisters’ Centerpiece Wednesday!

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16 thoughts on “Hollywood Fright Night

  1. Very, very frightening indeed! I’m in awe at your creative abilities. I love the napkin fold. The LED candles work well and the table setting is lovely. The guests of honor however….EEEeeeeK!!! Look at the time…gotta run! Happy Halloween!

  2. That pink and black Hollywood table is awesome!! I love the napkins folded to look like clutch purses with the carnations. I MUST share that idea with my pocketbook loving daughter and her friends. What a great one!

  3. Love the color combinations. What a fun and creative table.
    Thanks for the comments on my witch’s boots. You made me realize why I like witch boots so much, it is because I love shoes so much!

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