Autumn by the Embers

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I want to dedicate this post to the memory of my dear friend, Delia Young, whose life was senselessly cut short at the tender of age of 67. Without getting into graphic detail, Delia’s body was discovered by a maintenance worker in her townhome in the gated community where she lived this past Monday, the victim of a robbery/homicide. Delia, who lived alone since her husband passed away, was incapacitated and recently confined to a wheelchair. Her incomprehensible demise was vicious and ruthless.

Delia Young was a wonderfully motivational woman with a gift of gab. She was a teacher, a leader, a workhorse and a gracious lady all in one. Along with my husband and best friend, she “pestered” me into starting a blog and teaching a Communiversity course on the art of tablescaping.  Delia lived a distinguishable life with great pride, persistence, dignity, and deliberation. Those enviable personal qualities, along with her incomparable smile, are among the treasured memories I will keep in my mind and my heart. So, unto that end, I devote this post to my “fancy friend”, Delia, and promise to make her proud in heaven.

For My Fancy Friend,
Delia Young

To see the complete pictorial of “Autumn by the Embers”, please click on the “Autumn” tab above!

I am pleased to again be a part of Centerpiece Wednesdays with the Style Sisters and Tablescape Thursdays with Linda. After checking out my post, pop on over to see other tablescapes by talented men and women all around the world!

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17 thoughts on “Autumn by the Embers

  1. So sorry for the tragic loss of your friend.

    Your fireside table is beautiful…that print topper is just gorgeous and the fireplace setting is perfect!!

  2. How tragic, such a beautiful soul was taken so young by unnecessary violence. God Speed Delia Young, may you rest in peace. I’m grateful to her (and your husband) for encouraging you to blog and share your gift of entertaining and decorating. Because of Delia and Cindy I feel like I’ve made a new friend. I know your heart is broken by losing your “fancy friend.” I’m sorry for your loss. I’m sure Delia’s proud of you! I’m sending you a hug and praying that the police find the sick, evil murders who took her life.
    Your autumn by the embers tablescape is just lovely.

  3. What a lovely tribute to your friend! Your description of her obviously wonderful personality makes me feel like I knew her too and I feel sad for you…and at a loss, like everyone I’m sure, as to why people do these things to others.
    Your Embers tablescape is so beautiful! I love your table set in front of the fireplace .The artichoke votive holders are so unique and look great! I loved hearing the term “avocado green” again! LOL!


  4. While I enjoyed seeing your tablescape (so well executed), I am so very, very sorry about your friend. My deepest sympathy to you and to her other friends and family. I hate when things like this happen, and I pray there is an end to senseless violence. A friend of mine’s mother who lived alone was murdered, too, and she was one of the most creative people ever, a mother to an award winning writer. All for some drug crazed nonsense.

    On a happier note, I hope that the rest of your week is a blessed one…



  5. I feel sure that your friend would be so proud to know that her teachings live on in such a creative person. It sounds like this friend was so special that whenever she left this earth it would be too soon. But what a complete tragedy! What pain you must be in. I am so sorry for you. Live on and treasure her teachings.
    Linda@A Toile Tale

  6. I am so sorry for the loss of your dear friend. She would be happy with the tribute to her.
    Your table setting is very warm and welcoming…love the tablecloth, just beautiful.

  7. My heart hurts for you over the loss of your friend, Delia. Your Autumn tablescape by the fireplace is lovely. I’m right there with you using the term ‘avocado green.’ If it dates us, I can live with that. Thank you for sharing your charming, beckoning design. Cherry Kay

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