Most Egg-cellent Fall Breakfast

INSPIRATION: This beautiful wooden wheelbarrow in our neighbors' back yard.

INSPIRATION: This beautiful wooden wheelbarrow in our neighbors’ back yard.

Right around this time every year I wax nostalgic about childhood visits to our paternal grandparents’ farm in Sabetha, Kansas where my Dad grew up. Little things all around me draw my mind back to that simpler time, and with Daddy’s passing last year it seems there are more and more triggers. My inspiration for this farm style al fresco breakfast was a rustic flower-filled wheelbarrow nestled in a grove of trees in our neighbors’ back yard. It reminded me of wheelbarrow rides, walks along the dusty roads, playing tag in the endless rows of corn, and lazily swaying in an old tire swing in Mom & Dad Wilson’s back yard.
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Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Most Egg-cellent Fall Breakfast: Dining and buffet table



Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Most Egg-cellent Fall Breakfast: Dining tableWe don’t own one of those big, hefty farm tables like the one at the farm, but boy, do I wish we did! Instead, for this casual breakfast tablescape I draped a standard 6-ft. folding table with a 90″ x 132″ ivory tablecloth from The creamy color allows the bolder colors in the dishes and accessories to stand out.


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Most Egg-cellent Fall Breakfast: Multiple place settings


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Most Egg-cellent Fall Breakfast: Single place setting


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Most Egg-cellent Fall Breakfast: Flatware, rooster tea towel napkin collageI wanted to create a tablescape where farm style rustic and suburban refined could easily coexist. Scroll & floral placemats in nutmeg, mocha and olive-green from Pier 1 anchor each place setting. The design mimics that of the background on the tea towel napkins from Dollar Tree. The rooster and chicken wire motifs on the napkin definitely fall into in that farm style rustic category! Pumpkin-colored dishes (purchased for just $1 each at the grocery store 2 years ago) work beautifully with the colors found in the napkin’s rooster. Simple Hampton Silversmiths “Patriot” flatware rounds out the setting.


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Most Egg-cellent Fall Breakfast: Mason jar drinking mug collageA hearty serving of breakfast juice or fresh milk is served from these Mason jar mugs with a rooster design to complement the design element on the napkin and in the centerpiece. The mugs are from Dollar Tree.


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Most Egg-cellent Fall Breakfast: To further enhance the bucolic feel of the environment, I brought out wicker chairs (last seen HERE in an arbor setting) softened by Pier 1 toss pillows in colors corresponding with those in the placemats and napkins.


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Most Egg-cellent Fall Breakfast: Wheat and rooster centerpiece


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Most Egg-cellent Fall Breakfast: resin rooster from Hobby Lobby


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Most Egg-cellent Fall Breakfast: Blackbeard Wheat CollageFor breakfast, the centerpiece is simple but reflective of the overall theme. Small sheaves of blackbeard wheat are placed in clear glass milk bottles that are corralled in a chicken wire basket from Michael’s. To extend the wheat theme to the outer reaches of the tablescape, a single stem is casually placed across the plate at the base of each bowl. Between the larger wheat arrangements is a colorful resin rooster from Hobby Lobby.


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Most Egg-cellent Fall Breakfast: Buffet table


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Most Egg-cellent Fall Breakfast: Buffet table top


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Most Egg-cellent Fall Breakfast: Blackbeard wheat arrangement in galvanized bucket on buffet table


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Most Egg-cellent Fall Breakfast: Pastries, toast, cereal collage


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Most Egg-cellent Fall Breakfast: Orange juice, milk, coffee mug collage


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Most Egg-cellent Fall Breakfast: Eggs in wire basket, wooden egg sign collageThe buffet table is dressed in a chocolate brown full-length cloth and ivory topper from Adding the brown layer sets the buffet table apart from the dining area. An assortment of pastries and other breakfast goods are served up on galvanized iron trays (Pottery Barn) lined with warm woolen cozies made by my sister. The galvanized trays are a great match for the French bucket filled with blackbeard wheat to tie in with the dining table decor. Another tiny bundle of wheat appears alongside the toast. Cereal can be scooped from clear glass apothecary canisters from Function Junction, and morning staples – fresh milk and fresh-squeezed orange juice – are served from clear glass carafes. Colorful Pier 1 mugs in ivory, pumpkin and olive-green neatly line up on the table’s edge awaiting a splash of morning coffee. Beneath the umbrella of the wheat arrangement are a vintage wire egg basket and an old wooden sign rescued from a thrift store.


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Most Egg-cellent Fall Breakfast: Chalkboard signage, basket of sunflowers, eggs in wire basket collageAt the base of the buffet table is a handmade chalkboard sign on a 2-sided sandwich menu board from Kirkland’s. A chicken wire and chipwood basket holds a bundle of sunflowers.

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I’m going to TRY to get back here with a new Halloween tablescape next week, but I can’t guarantee it. I’m focusing on designing a number of tables (4 fantasy tables, 1 V.I.P. table, 24 guest tables!) for a Christmas-themed fundraiser that is fast approaching.
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Go K.C. Royals! Go K.C. Chiefs!!!

57 thoughts on “Most Egg-cellent Fall Breakfast

  1. I love your rustic setting, Alycia! The rooster, the wheat, the dishes, and the towel/napkins all enhance your theme. I’m ready for the wonderful buffet that you have displayed, as I can enjoy breakfast any time of the day!


  2. I really like to borrow your imagination sometime and bring it you our house, Alycia. I love your table, reminds me of a farm. Beautiful colors…..Christine


  3. Wonderful take on a farm breakfast! Love the color of those dishes, not too orangey. Tea towels are great.
    We are blessed to have good memories of our childhood, not everyone does. Just finished reading Orphan Train. Lordy, what terrible childhoods.
    Thanks for sharing your farm breakfast. Pass the bacon!


  4. As usual, you have created a masterpiece. I remember breakfasts on the farm, but I can assure you they weren’t this elegant. LOL I love the colors you have mixed and all that gorgeous wheat. I don’t think I have ever seen any quite like that. The farm breakfasts of my childhood were country ham, fried eggs and biscuits and gravy! Real stick-to-your-ribs-food for farm work.


  5. It’s funny what can trigger memories, isn’t it? Sometimes it’s a certain fragrance, or a song, or like in your case, an object. Sounds like you miss your dad :(.

    It also sounds like we haunt the same stores, but I’m not surprised. Great minds and all that ;).

    As always, every detail is perfecto, right down to the rooster jars. Seriously Alycia, is there nothing you can’t do??



  6. Another egg-cellent table Alycia! Love the woven placemats on their side and that pumpkin orange of the dishes. I have a similar crate vase carrier and never thought of putting wheat shafts in it. I will be stealing that idea for Thanksgiving. Enjoyed your childhood memories too.


  7. Love your table with beautiful autumn colors that invite sitting down and relaxing and enjoying the pleasant weather. Your pastries are also inviting and promote lingering there soaking up the new season.
    I understand exactly what you mean about things that trigger memories. Isn’t that nice. It’s been 30 years but many things bring back memories of my parents and my childhood. Now, you have all of us thinking of great memories from the past. Thanks for sharing yours.


  8. I agree with Johanne…an egg-cellent tablescape, too. Love that big boy rooster and napkins. Great colors and look at the yummy sweet rolls and cereal. I hope you actually sat down and enjoyed the breakfast. 🙂


  9. Thanks for reminding me to look for those rooster towels the next time I’m in the dollar store. Your color palette is perfectly autumn and the wheat and rooster couldn’t be a better fit. Did you and Ramon sit down and enjoy the spread outside or did you bring it inside? Inquiring minds (at least mine) want to know.


  10. Most egg-cellent for sure. Love this outdoor rustic setting and the colors. Such a great idea for a easy to pull off breakfast for a crowd. Did you invite the neighbors once the photo op was over?!


  11. You really know how to farm it up, girl! I love the roosters, eggs, wire baskets, metal trays, everything! Dollar Tree is awesome, and those tea towels don’t disappoint. The rooster and chicken wire print is perfect! I’ve never heard of (nor seen) black beard wheat. It is gorgeous – so rich and unique. I love those pumpkin dishes. They remind me of the plates I almost bought the other day at – you got it – Dollar Tree. The pumpkin tone can be considered caramel, as well, for other seasons. I really like those wicker chairs again and the beautifully-coordinated pillows. Breakfast looks delicious!! I hate I missed that! 🙂 Blessings for a wonderful week, friend.


  12. This table setting would be right on the mark for breakfast, luncheon or supper. With all the colors of autumn included, it is farm, country and harvest all rolled into one. Very homey, very American, very French…this setting could be used for any occasion from August through November. I love it..


  13. Mmmm… this is such a warm and inviting table for any meal! I definitely can imagine a nice family gathering for breakfast here. I like the inspiration wheelbarrow- what a great idea came from it! I still feel nostalgic from little things about my dad and it’s been 23 yrs. Since he passed. It’s great that we have those bits and pieces to bring the memories of them back. It seems like farm style living conjurs up thoughts of good food and cozy gatherings. I like the egg basket and the multiple food offerings. The table looks wonderful with the wheat and rooster taking center stage. Love the color of those dishes- and the towel/napkins. Beautiful job as always Alycia! 🙂


  14. Oh, Alycia, you’ve done it again! I love the colors you’ve chosen. Your textures and patterns are perfect together, and really do carry off the theme of your table. It is a warm and welcoming presentation. I’d love to be there right now! And, I also have to give a shout out to your writing style. It’s always such a pleasure to read your narratives! It’s all just lovely……Rosie @ The Magic Hutch


  15. Alycia, your breakfast is lovely. Love the theme and the outdoorsy area.
    You always set a fabulous table for your guests. The wheat, dishes and sunflowers all add so much to make this setting homey. Your friends must admire your gracious style.


  16. Why no one deserves such a table for breakfast? 😉
    Well, people go to work, school, on errands after breakfast and it is impossible to get up from such lovely and detailed setting. Ditto.
    Stop doing that and put us all to shame :kidding: 😀
    I can feel the Autumn Warmth on this side of the Atlantic. You’re a Fairy. Love,


  17. God bless the memories!! Sounds so familiar, growing up in the country so carefree. Nothing like it. Eggs in the wire basket…Love it. Perfect setting for a Sunday morning breakfast before marching to Sunday school. I’d love to open a Bed n’ Breakfast having breakfast each morning in the garden……….


  18. Alycia,
    “Egg~celent” Fall Breakfast, indeed!!!
    LOVE how you used a rectangular placemat to extend the color palette!
    A Kansas Girl through and through, the nature elements of wheat and Sunflowers put a smile on my face!!!


  19. Since bottles full of anything are among my favorites I love that you use them as your centerpiece. I also like the way you turned the placemats to drape off the table and accent them with the the tea towel/napkinsus. you make coming up with new creative ideas seem so easy. Hope your back is better.


  20. Hi dear Alycia…The colours just match the season. Your idea of the table is excellent with eggcellent. Lovely setting in a lovely surrounding with beautiful elements. Have a great day.Love sujatha:)


  21. Hi Alycia, your beautiful breakfast table does bring back memories–it just says love to me, and you certainly know how to pull things together in a warm, loving way. As I get older, I go back to those times more often, and reflect on the wonderful simplicity of them. Your colors and design are just lovely!


  22. I know how surprising and poignant those little triggers can be. They hit you when you least expect them. Isn’t it a blessing to have had such wonderful and loving people in our lives! Our family just recently continued a family tradition and we had such a great time remembering those who are no long with us.

    Your setting is beautiful and relaxing at the same time! That farm feeling makes it feel like home but the dishes and fabrics give it elegance, too. You sure know how to bring the mood!!! The food is perfect for an al fresco breakfast!!

    Go Royals!!


  23. Lovely, Alycia….love that you share your nostalgia with us. 🙂

    The rooster is so handsome, the wheat looks beautiful; and I love the color of those dishes…they remind me of delish bowls of squash soup I enjoy this time of year. Speaking of delish, your buffet service looks wonderful!


  24. I can’t say enough how much I love this table! The color scheme is wonderful and those placemats are great. I like the wheat centerpieces as well and the wonderful dishes that are the perfect color. Score!


  25. What a great farm harvest breakfast, the table is so adorable, inviting and warm with those pretty color dishes, the napkins and the big roos as center stage, along with the gorgeous place mats! Fabulous outdoors too!
    I see you posted this the day of my birthday, lol!
    Have a great week ahead my friend.


  26. Thank you Alycia to stop by. Yes you must visit India. You get to see lots and lots of things. It would be adventurous for you. Hope you are enjoying your fall days. Love sujatha:)


  27. It would be so great to be able to have breakfasts like this one, or even simpler, year round, but in these beautiful surroundings. This is food for the soul! Those scroll placemats are wonderful, Alycia! I know I keep saying the same thing over and over, but no one plays with color like you do. You have such an innate sense of what works! Color has always been a challenge to me, so maybe that’s why admire those that do it as well, and effortlessly as you do.


  28. Alycia…you have created a table that would make your dad so very happy. It is so wonderful that you have so many fond memories of Thanksgiving with your family on the farm. I love Thanksgiving but always sad to see the “empty chairs”. Beautiful table adorned with those fabulous sheaves of wheat. So very nostalgic. I loved reading about your beautiful memories.


  29. Of course I love ALL your tables, Alycia, and here’s one (of many) reasons I love this one: Its simplicity!! It IS bucolic…and I want so much to partake of this sweet setting! May I join you?? 🙂 I really like the color of the dishes–they say fall without screaming it, and the wheat sheaves are awesome. Love this table too!! I’m dying to know who was lucky enough to join you! 🙂 ~Zuni


  30. Oh breakfast you say, I’m starting my car engine right now to get there in time for a morning breakfast at your beautiful table. I see those delicious pastries but I’m going for the eggs with lots of protein. Great colors for the fall with your plates and centerpieces. Wow, sounds like your are overbooked and overworked for this fall with your lineup of tables and planning. You better eat a couple of those donuts for a sugar high to get all of that work ! Take care!


  31. Your neighbour’s wheelbarrow certainly sparked a wonderful tablescape! Love the colour of those “pumpkin” dishes and what a great price! Its also terrific how you can combine a Pier 1 placemat with a Dollar Store tea towel and have them coordinate so perfectly. The set up on the adjoining table is equally fantastic and makes me want to dish up! You definitely nailed the “farm” feel but it also has a “Thanksgiving” look to it. Great job!


  32. I love the rooster, and the egg basket, and the rooster towels, and the buffet table. Heck, I love it all. Great color palette – I have been leaning towards the warm colors for a while and this country rustic table is a perfect example of the blending of orange, greens, and browns to create a warm and cozy setting. The blackbeard wheat looks amazing in the bottles decorating the table too. Beautiful!


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