Sunflower Simple

Before my tablescape, the winner of the silver pedestal bowl giveaway is……….

Linda at A Toile Tale!!!

Congratulations, Linda! We all look forward to seeing how you use this beautiful piece in an upcoming tablescape! (Ramon pulled your name and – typical husband – had no idea how to pronounce the word “toile.” I just gleefully watched him struggle with it for a few seconds before I finally came to his rescue! 🙂

Thanks to everyone who entered, and don’t despair….there will be another chance to win another silver lovely in the near future. Watch for details! It’s going to be a biggie!!! Meanwhile…

I have finally given in to autumn with this simple, casual, budget-friendly fall tablescape. As the evenings get cooler, meals like chili, beef stew, soup, and corn chowder become the entrée du jour!

We live about 15 minutes from the border of Kansas, The Sunflower State. How could I own an umbrella like this and not do something that pays tribute to our next-door-neighbor? 🙂

These Maxcera “Terra Cotta Sunflower” dishes purchased from TJ Maxx a couple of years ago are very popular for an autumn tablescape, but I’ve only recently had a chance to use them. I like the ruffly edges, the fun design, and the bold color. An open-weave square Pier 1 placemat anchors the place setting. Off-centering the bowl lets the plate design show in full.

A bold mustard-colored napkin from Bed Bath & Beyond lies beneath the non-traditional placement of stainless flatware. You may have noticed that the dessert fork is placed off-center at the top of the plate.

I think I bought these dark green stems at Pier 1 several years ago. Hard to remember…my mind is failing me. Anyway, they nicely pick up the green in the dishes and keep the table from getting too monochromatic yellow. Whenever a beverage bottle is nice enough, like these S. Pellegrino classics, I like to make it a part of the tablescape.

Two towering centerpieces are made up of mustard yellow ceramic pots topped with garden obelisks from Hobby Lobby. Simple, slow-growing “Teddy Bear” arborvitae from the nursery are plopped in for color and texture. (Click HERE to see another tablescape using wrought iron obelisks.)

Although sunflowers would have been the obvious choice here, I often like to pull for the underdog which in this case is something smaller but complementary: simple yellow alstroemeria in tiny green glass vases.

Tiny yellow glass votive holders add a little atmospheric light.

A sunflower bowl from T.J. Maxx holds crackers for the evening meal.


Please join me and lots of very talented tablescapers from around the globe for Susan’s weekly blog party, Tablescape Thursday. Have a happy week, and congrats once again to Linda at A Toile Tale!

44 thoughts on “Sunflower Simple

  1. That Ramone!!!! Isn’t he just the best? I am over the moon about winning that beautiful bowl. I wish it could talk, because I would sit it down and let it tell me about all the beautiful parties it has gone to at Alycia and Ramone’s. I will try to do justice to it and you will see it in the near future. Thank you Alycia……you are just so great.
    Linda @ A Toile Tale


  2. Hi Alycia~ Love your nontraditional place setting & service! I’m partial to sunflowers so I love your plates and bowls~ perfect for casual dining! I’m looking forward to chili & soup weather which we have in the forecast for this weekend. Love your potted obelisks too 🙂 Congratulations to Linda~


  3. Hi Alycia!
    I love this! It’s cheerful and full of autumn warmth. The towering centerpieces with the obelisks are so cool! I love how you squared everything up on the placemats! I’m good with symmetry! I love Maxcera dishes- I just found some at T.J.’s for winter! Your green stemware is perfect with the sunflower dishes! Another winner for you!!
    Hugs ~ Liz


  4. Very cute with the sunflowers, one of my faves. I like the non-traditional placement. That is part of the fun of tablescaping — taking liberties. I do see your comments, BTW.

    About those shoes: I may have reached the point where the beautiful shoes are a thing of the past, too. Sad, but it may beat the alternative of a bad fall.


  5. I love simple. Some think it’s a synonym for plain, but your table proves that it’s not. I like that the bowl is not centered on the plate and the plate is not centered on the placemat. I love that you used obelisks as your centerpieces–simple, but dramatic at the same time. I found two of those same glasses at Goodwill and wish they had four. They are very pretty. And, the sunbrella is a nice touch, too. I lived in Kansas for five years and I don’t think I ever owned anything with sunflowers! 🙂


  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!! Your centerpieces are do die for! Just love the sunflowers. Its so great to have you back tablescaping! Congrats to Linda! I know she will do something FAB with it!!!!


  7. Crazy about this table! Great umbrella too. I love your and with the big square plates, setting the silver off to the side was so logical. Great centerpieces..simple but dramatic. Loving the Pellegrino bottles too. Congrats to Linda.. can’t wait to see what she does with it! hugs xo marlis


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  9. Hi Alycia, oh wow, you always have the coolest stuff! Love those obelisks in the centerpiece, how cool are they! The other thing I love about this tablescape is how you arranged the place setting. All perfectly rectangular on the placemat, I even love where you placed the bowl! You are so good with detail! I also have those Maxcera sunflower dishes, I absolutely love them. The umbrella is the perfect addition. The alstromeira is a great choice, isn’t it nice that it lasts a while? Congrats to Linda, I’m doing my best to not covet lol. Thanks for your visit, I had fun with that post!! Take care!!


  10. Hi Alycia, I also have a sunflower umbrella! I get so many compliments on it, especially from my friends who know I heart sunflowers. I’m partial to (obsessed with) sunflowers and adore your plates and bowls. Congratulations to Linda!


  11. Congratulations to Linda!
    Alycia, Your table is an interesting study in shapes. Love the roundness of the sunflowers and the square plates and the off set placement of the plates and napkins. Neat!


  12. Wow…this is so simple and beautiful, Alycia! Not your usual, over-the-top, drop-dead gorgeous…it’s simple and equally as beautiful. Love it. I’d already noticed the off-centered bowls before I read your comment…genius because it shows the plate, but also because it creates a sense of off-balance that’s nice. The obelisks made me wonder where in the world you store all this stuff…please do share some time! Thanks for visiting/commenting on my non-wreath wreaths 🙂 .


  13. So many times I have been going to pick those sunflower dishes up, but they never have 4 at the same time…I love aquas, tangerine, yellows and green in them…beautiful table.


  14. This is just a happy sunflower fall table to me. I love the hue of yellow and green in it. I laughed at your comment that you pulled for the underdog. Actually, sunflowers are hard on a table sometimes. The alstroemeria was the perfect join, underdog or no.


  15. I really like the placement of the dishes and other items on the placemat; it really gives an interesting look to the setting and you can still see the lovely placemats. Great idea to add the sunflower umbrella for a pop of sunflower wonderfulness. Those obelisks are so cool. A Hobby Lobby recently opened up about 45 minutes from my house. I am looking forward to a destination day of shopping!

    Another beautiful tablescape, Alycia. You are so creative!


  16. Great table. I love the plate set off-center on that marvelous open weave placemat. Cool choice! Thrilled for Linda @ a Toile Tale and looking forward to another chance to win that amazing bowl. I know that she’ll do something spectacular with it. Thank you for inviting us to your beautiful table. Cherry Kay


  17. Alycia,
    Love this table. Some many creative, unique ideas with the arrangement of all of the pieces. So great that the non-traditional placement of the bowls not only shows the plate design, but also is so functional for side food items. Great ideas that I will probably steal. Dianne


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  29. Oh Alycia, you’ve done it again. I LOVE sunflower dishes and just this weekend purchased 2 plates from Pier 1 (and they were on sale). I can’t wait to set my first table with them. They are so much fun. Can’t help but not have a smile on your face. Thanks for all your wonderful tablescapes.


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