Winter Sports

(I apologize if you are receiving this for the 2nd time. My first installation seems to have disappeared into thin air, so I’m reposting (with a 30-second video of the room added to this one). Technology!🤨😤)

I’ve lived in the Kansas City, MO area all of my life, and I will NEVER get used to the cold winter weather! Snow, ice, wind…y’all can have it! Not my jam AT ALL. But traveling to Silverthorne, CO for vacation one recent year was a teeth-chattering delight, perhaps because our hosts were fabulous, the accommodations were outstanding, and I didn’t have to do housework. At any rate, Silverthorne is alive with all manner of winter sports, the theme of our 2021 dining room Christmas decor.

Christmas Dining Room 2021 – “Winter Sports”