Tulips In the iHop Hour

My parents have for as long as I can remember preferred to eat Sunday dinner in what I affectionately call “the iHop Hour.” You know…those early bird special hours between 3 and 6 p.m. when seniors aged 55+ can get a discounted meal at the International House of Pancakes. (I’m not knockin’ it! That’s exactly where I plan to have lunch…yes, 3:00 will still be lunch for me!…on my 55th next year!) Although my husband and I still like to wait until after the sun goes down, we always try to honor the tick tock of my parents’ gastronomic time clock and get “dinner” served by 3:30 at the latest.

This year’s Mothers Day celebration will be no different. Our table will, therefore, be devoid of candles reserved for twilight dining and take on instead a light, sunshiny, Skip-to-My-Lou air with energetic orange as the star color.
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Tulips In the IHop Hour

Fearful of Mother Nature’s unpredictable outbursts of wind and showers, I have decided to serve a nice sit-down meal in the dining room. Surprisingly, no full-length linen this time around! (I’m just as shocked at myself as you are!!! :-)) This would be an excellent table for a casual ladies’ luncheon or birthday celebration.

Inspiration…as slow as it was to take hold…came from these Prima Design tulip-splashed salad plates I found at TJ Maxx. I love the happy color and the simplicity of the design. That simplicity, I thought, is what mandated the absence of linens and effusive decor. The plain white ceramic charger is from Old Time Pottery. The vivid orange dinner plate is one of the best finds of the year from the Dollar Tree. (Did you know that Dollar Tree and Deal$ are owned by the same company and therefore carry many of the same items??? It was news to me until a couple of days ago!)

I created the menus using cardstock from Michaels. (I wait it out until it goes on sale for 25¢ a sheet and then go nuts!!!) I included a bit of yellow to mirror some of the flowers used in the centerpieces and add depth to the menu piece. The little flower brads are from Hobby Lobby. (Again, catch them on sale for a song!) I am not a “crafty” person by any stretch, so I am so grateful for my handy, dandy Fiskars paper cutter!

White bird salt & pepper shakers from Pier 1 fit right in!

It’s too early to buy the real flowers, so I’m using faux blooms here. I plan bouquets by creating them in advance with faux flowers. It makes the trip to the flower market go so much faster and easier! One book that really inspires me to keep my arrangements fun and creative is Paula Pryke’s “Table Flowers”. (Click HERE for my brief review of her book.) I never try to imitate a creation bloom-for-bloom, but innovative and unabandoned style is what gives me a kick in the britches. (Used here: Holland tulips, daylilies, calla lilies, poppies, and mums.)

I like for the items on the buffet behind the table to coordinate whenever possible. This time around I used a massive orange wooden platter from Z Gallerie as a backdrop. The pure white pitchers, purchased a couple of years ago at Home Goods, are spruced up with silver beverage tags affixed with mandarin orange ribbon. A jumble of orange, yellow & green beads add color and texture.

I took a cue from my sweet blogger buddy, Vernice at We Three Dogs & Me, and wove orange ribbon through the slats of the Ralph Lauren “Pavillion” footed stand that will hold the key lime pie. (I’ve never made key lime pie before. Check back to make sure we’re all still alive, please! :-)) Vernice did the same using bright pink ribbon for her Mother’s Day 2012 post in which she told the most touching story about her own Mom and her very interesting childhood. HIGHLY recommended reading…have tissues handy!

Mom & me, 1958

So that…finally!!!…is our Mother’s Day 2012 table. Simple, sweet, sunny, and fun! I hope my Mom likes it. I was warned NOT to go pink & green for her, so I just stepped WAY outside the color box!
Happy Mother’s Day, Mom, and the same to my dear readers…even if you’re not dining in the IHop hour! 😉

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I will be joining Cuisine Kathleen again this week for her “Let’s Dish!” Mother’s Day Tablescape Challenge. Be sure to check it out for lots of great ideas from other tablescapers around the world! I’m also joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for “Tablescape Thursday“, and I hope you’ll drop by!

54 thoughts on “Tulips In the iHop Hour

  1. Hi Alycia:
    As usual, you have inspired me beyond compare! I love the fresh simplicity of this tablescape. It’s great for all kinds of occasions. As always thank you for sharing your passion and talent. BTW, I love Paula Pryke’s book! Thanks for the suggestion, I’ve added it to my personal “tablescaping” library. Stay blessed, prosperous and keep on ‘scaping!


  2. Thanks Alycia for the Mother’s Day Greeting and sharing what I should expect in a few days when I visit for Mother’s Day dinner. No Restaurant could prepare such a beautiful setting as this!!!! I love the color scheme and thanks for not making it pink and green. The floral arrangement and table settings are just fabulous. I’m really looking forward to a wonderful 2012 Mother’s Day with you and Ramon.


  3. I am so in love with your arts, Lady A…

    How I wish, I am just living a stone throw away from you, so I could sit and look at you doing all your never ending ideas on TS.

    Such a beauty. Would you mind to share some to me, pls? §;-)

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL artpiece from a gorgeous lady. Happy Mother’s Day to you and to your lovely Mum, too.

    Hugs from a chilly Stockholm,


  4. Love “iHop Hour”! I’m sure I’ll be ready to eat supper at 4:30 at some point, but not for a while! Those floral salad plates are wonderful and look great on the orange ones from the Dollar Tree. That’s a great idea, to plan floral designs with faux blooms first! Enjoy your Mother’s Day with your mom!


  5. WOW I love your orange and the tulip plates are awesome! The story about your 3:30 time to dine is precious and so thoughtful to consider their wishes. We use to have several cafeterias in the area where the older crowd would go at early times for their meals. The whole table is sunny and I like your idea of the beverage tags on the pitchers. Have a fun day with your Mother and thanks for sharing your ideas!


  6. Beautiful table Alycia…I love the colors and their contrast. You always please. The menus are a very elegant touch. Those floral plates are stunning! I love the Dollar tree. I just swung by there the other day to pick up some green goblets. I understand about the older crowd wanting to eat early. They also love the early bird prices as you pointed out. You added the ribbon makes everything pop and shows alot of Love. Enjoy your family dinner. Happy Mother’s Day to you.


  7. Alycia, like you say, simple, sweet, sunny, and fun!! What a wonderful table you have set to celebrate your Mom! Happy Mother’s Day 🙂


  8. How nice to see orange. I never would have believed those plates were from Dollar Tree and yet I think I remember seeing them! I love the idea of the pitchers with the beverage tags. I always have a water pitcher close by during dinner. Did you get your creativity from your mother? My mother and my sister Elaine were the artists. I was the social one! Have a Happy Mother’s Day!

    Robin Flies South


  9. Alycia! I always look forward to seeing what you bring to the table, just like I see you mom does! Love the photo of you two! I a huge fan of Paula Pryke, I have three of her books. Bravo, I chuckled when I read the title of your post! Happy Mother’s Day 🙂


  10. Alycia it looks great! The colors are vibrant and I love the plates. Orange and yellow are so summery and with the warm weather you’ve been experiencing it seems quite perfect! No pink or green! No fun!! 🙂 Your florals look great and pick up so perfectly with the dishes!
    Happy Mothers Day!


  11. Alycia…simple???…Well, I just checked the Websters and they have not changed that definition….yet…so instead of saying that you set a simple table…I say, you set a “simply magnificent” table…The colors do not scream iHop…well maybe except for the little touch of orange..Yes, I do know the iHop colors….Your mom is going to love it…and I LOVE Key Lime Pie..yes this Florida girl misses the key lime trees…the best recipe….Joes Stone Crab Key Lime Pie…the best!!!….I make it often…and it is great…

    Love the pic of you and your mom..!!!
    Have a wonderful Mother’s Day and my regards to your mother!!…


  12. I laughed and laughed about the ihop hour, as one of my favorite stories about Mr. Pressed Pants’ grandmother was when she broke up with her boyfriend because he couldn’t drive her to ihop any more. He was 93 and they took his keys away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the photo of you and your lovely mother.


  13. Alycia, your “out of the box” colors are gorgeous. Those plates with the tulips are fabulous. Sweet photo of you and your mom! Happy Mother’s Day to both of you.


  14. The colors are gorgeous Alycia, and I’m loving that you picked up the orange, I love orange, the color of the moment! The tulip plates are fab and your flower vases are so pretty. You have a great Mom’s Day sweet friend, along with your pretty mama…I loved the old pic! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!


  15. Love love love the picture of you and your mom!!! The table pops with color and makes me want to sing with joy. I love the plates. Love the orange plates too. ooh where to put them? LOL.. You set a fabulous table. Love the menu cards too. I’m impressed!! Have a very blessed weekend.. xo marlis


  16. First let me say that I love the smiling picture of your mom with you at the end. I like the phrase “iHop hour”. That’s so cute. I think I’ll be eating at iHop hour soon too since I’m thrifty and not too far from that speed limit age.

    As for the table, I love it! They say that you are either an orange person or you’re not. I AM. I love it’s boldness, and those flowers and plates are happy and vibrant. I’m glad you let the bare wood shine through on this one. It was perfect.


  17. Alycia! Only you would go to the trouble to print out the menu – you and all of your fabulous details!! Love the colors on your table and simply adore seeing the photo of you and your mother. So precious!!


  18. Hi darling, such a festive table you’ve set for your dinner. I know you’re mother is going to love it! The darling plates from TJ Maxx are wonderful. I haven’t been “forever”. Probably a good thing, however the last couple of times I was in they didn’t have a thing. I know, sad. I heard TjMaxx and Home Goods was going under one roof I think In BS. I’ve never been to a Home Goods store… I know again SAD!. Anyhoo… love the way you coordinate the buffet with the table. Loved seeing you as a small child with your beautiful mother. Happy Mother’s Day to the both of you!!! hugs ~lynne~


  19. Beautiful Alycia! Your story is so funny on the ihop hour. I didn’t use a fancy tablecloth either for Mother’s Day so I am just fine with your choice of orange in your tabescape. Your faux flowers really pop too. I think your choice of orange for your design is bold and beautiful.


  20. Hi again a fabulous happy cheerful table. I have never used orange but you may have converted me. Love your baby picture so cute.Thanks for mentioning my blog. Happy mothers day.


  21. The ihop hour….I love it and know that no ihop table ever looked so good. The vibrant colors suit your personality (or at least what I think is your personality) to a T. I had to look twice to be sure those were faux flowers and even then, I wasn’t sure. Your mom is sure to love your table and you for creating it. Enjoy!xoxox


  22. What a beautiful mother! Of course she would have to be to have such a beautiful daughter. I love your sunny colors. One day I will get my act together and have menu cards for something besides the holidays!

    I can’t believe I could get a discount at IHOP!!!! I turned 55 this year and certainly don’t feel like a senior citizen – more like a twenty something. We will have to go and try that out!

    Have a wonderful Mother’s Day and let Mom know how much you appreciate her, but make sure you get spoiled too!


  23. Awww, how cute are you and your gorgeous mother? I’m falling more in love with this color the more I see of it. It’s so cheery and bright. How could you NOT be in a good mood when you sit down at this table. I’m running off to the Dollar Tree to find me some plates!!!
    XO Cindy


  24. What a lovely, cheery table! The orange looks great with the wood of your table, so the decision not to use a tablecloth was perfect. Love the floral centerpieces. Your baby picture is adorable and your mother is beautiful.


  25. Hi, Alycia! I was in love with the tulip plates and the flowers before I learned the flowers were…well…faux. They look PERFECT with the tablescape! I just love those tulip plates, and of course, all your beautiful details to make it perfectly coordinated but not toooooo perfect. I’m sure your mom is going to love it! Beautiful and bright and fun and creative–as always. I’m wishing you a happy mother’s day, Alycia. Hugs to you, ~Zuni


  26. Adorable picture of you with your mom:)
    Love the simplicity of this table. It is fresh and elegant. The orange-white combination is very springy.
    Thanks for sharing. Your gorgeous space never fails to inspire me.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)


  27. Look at that gorgeous smile on your mom!
    I love those plates, and you carried out the theme beautifully! I am not a fan of orange, but those plates would have come home with me.
    You are too funny, the ihop hour! When we are home we eat around 7, but we have been known to have a late lunch if we are out and call it done!
    There aren’t any restaurants we like locally, all over priced and mediocre, city people come out and pay anything! Locals go elsewhere!
    I hope your mom likes your table, I think it is wonderful!


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  29. I had to check out your Mother’s Day Tribute since I missed it last week! More great orange, and it’s so pretty! I’m not an orange fan, but love all this!



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