Winter Brunch

Christmas Day dinner at my son and his girlfriend’s house was so much fun!

Perhaps a little too much fun! (I’m getting too old for all this frivolity!) 🙂

On the day after Christmas, my husband and I shared a leisurely winter brunch with our overnight guests. This was a great way to kick off the day before making rounds to connect with other visiting relatives.

A casual mid-morning brunch in the breakfast nook was easy to put together. This would work really well for a New Year’s Day brunch, too, with Bloody Marys or some other such “hair of the dog.”

I have had these Eddie Bauer Home pine cone dishes for about 7 years but have only used them a couple of times. What is wrong with me??!?!?! They are perfect for any time during the winter season. I really like the deep green rimmed with gold.

A white cotton napkin simply folded and drawn through the handle of the coffee mug works well for this unassuming brunch table.

Gold-rimmed crystal flutes serve up a cranberry & champagne breakfast cocktail.

Man, oh man…this goldtone flatware has really gotten a workout this Christmas season! Natural pine cone place card holders were my first and only choice!

I considered a small floral for the centerpiece, but this faux snow-dusted pine cone, berry and greenery arrangement borrowed from the living room worked out just fine.

Just as we finished brunch, the sun was overtaken by rain clouds that opened up for a brief period to cleanse the air. I think it was to wash all that reindeer smell out of the air from Christmas Eve! (Although all we got was coal. And not just a lump of coal….a whole truckload! What does that tell you?) 😉

Hope you had a very Merry Christmas filled with joy and happiness. Here’s wishing you a safe and happy New Year!!!

Don’t forget about Susan’s Tablescape Thursday this week. I’m sure you’ll find lots of beautiful Christmas-themed photos that will make you smile!

44 thoughts on “Winter Brunch

  1. A lovely way to wind down the Christmas hustle and bustle. And I agree, the perfect plates for any winter meal. It appears you had a fabulous Christmas with your family. On to the next holiday! Cheers!! xx


  2. Unassuming? I think it looks pretty fancy. And what IS wrong with you — those are great dishes!

    I am stealing the idea of drawing the napkin through the cup handle — haven’t seen that one before.



  3. Omg, shame on you for not using those dishes more often! I love the color and the gold rim and that lone pinecone for sure! Great centerpiece. I think you couldn’t have chosen any better. Love the cranberries in the sparkly.. what a perfect way to wake up! This table and good friends are the best way to awaken! Happy New Year to you and yours.. May the blessing come in droves!


  4. Beautiful brunch setting, Alycia! The pinecone dishes are really pretty. I do like the way you put the napkin through the mug handle. Love those sweet pinecone place cards, too. I bet you and your guests had a wonderful brunch!


  5. I’m so glad that you rediscovered the Eddie Bauer dinnerware. It’s wonderful!…but how could you go wrong with the setting in that gorgeous breakfast room? Can you say perfect light? Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay


  6. Hi Alycia:
    I love those Eddie Bauer dishes! Looks like a perfect morning brunch setting and the bubbly makes it all the more engaging!
    I hope you and Ramon had a lovely Christmas and from the looks of that family gathering you must of had some fun! Liz


  7. Looks so filling! l love the photo of collapsing because of being too full! That is how I have felt all weekend! I totally agree with you about people trying to cram the politically correct junk down our throats, I just think it is funny with all of their posturing that they can’t take Christ out of Christmas even with all they are trying to do! Hope you have had a very Merry Christmas and I am more conscious to answer back with Merry Christmas if they say Happy Holidays to me! Lots of love!!!!


  8. Love, love, love those dishes, Alycia! Have never seen them before. It’s so cool that blogging brings out such an array of dishes available to us dishaholics! I’m sure your guests loved your brunch–lovely setting you provided for them. Now on to the 12 days of Christmas! Merry days ahead. ~Zuni


  9. You did good girl! Your table was beautiful. So festive and detailed. Love it!
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends and hope you have a Safe New Year! xoxo Andrea


  10. Hi lovely lady.
    You did a Beautiful Christmas Tablescape sweet lady !! And your dishes are Gorgeous.
    .I would like to thank you so much for your sweet comments on my Christmas tree. I hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year,
    XXOO Diane I lovely lady.


  11. Love you brunch table…who knew Eddie does dishes? Sorry that you got coal, surely it was an oversight on Santa’s part. I love the photo that you all took at your son’s house. You guys look like a fun crowd! Hope you are recovering from all of that eating and gearing up to ring in the New Year!


  12. What wonderful dishes from Eddie Bauer! I miss their Home store in Houston. Your houseguests must have been delighted to breakfast at this pretty table — not to mention the cranberry and champagne cocktails! (We call those poinsettias, as opposed to mimosas.)


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  18. This is such a pretty winter tablescape, and I love the china you used. I’m going to have to look for some with that deep hunter green rim–very pretty. And what a super idea to put the napkins through the coffee cup handles–clever, and I am going to try that out this weekend! You are so funny–your comment over at my blog today made me laugh. Honestly, I’m not much of a crafter myself–I like the projects that are fast and easy the best 🙂 Take care and have a wonderful weekend–I’m off tomorrow (today!) to a Viewpoints acting class–I’ve got my toe in the door with a local theatre ensemble after auditioning last week,and one of the things I do is attend their training every weekend, which is really fun.


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