Tee Mit Hans Dresden

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This is the story of how a little girl’s curiosity (and hard-headedness!) got her into deep trouble, but  became a lasting memory. I want to thank my Mother for (1) letting me live after what I did on that fateful day some 46 years ago; (2) sharing with me the story of how she came to acquire this lovely tea set, and; (3) passing it on to me for a memory I will always cherish.

Click here or on the “Fun Stuff” tab above to see all photos for this post!

This week for the first time ever, I am pleased to join Lady Katherine and all the fine ladies for Tea Time Tuesday. If you enjoy fine tea accoutrement, exquisitely set tea tables and ladies’ gatherings as much as I do, please check out other bloggers’ photos & stories on her site!


10 thoughts on “Tee Mit Hans Dresden

  1. I’m guessing that the chip in the teapot served to teach you a lesson that has served you well for your entire life. I’ll bet that you are always very careful with your beautiful things. Even that chip has value…in the memories that you cherish. Thank you for sharing your charming design and your wonderful story. Cherry Kay

  2. This a very elegant table. The german china makes it very special. It is areal treasure that you got from your mother. And i love the story of your “china distaster”! Greetings from Europe!

  3. Thank you, Mabel! Wow…Europe! My family has visited many countries there, but I’ve never crossed the Atlantic. Too chicken to fly. Give all of Europe my best, and have a wonderful day!!!

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