The 19th Hole – Golf & Forever Love

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, The 19th Hole – Golf & Forever Love, DADDY IN HIS GOLF CAP

INSPIRATION: My Dad’s lifetime love for the game of golf, and our eternal love for him.

I don’t want this post to be a downer, but we are fast approaching the one year anniversary of my Dad’s death. My Mom, husband and I went to his “condo” (mausoleum) at the cemetery to visit over the Memorial Day weekend. We kept it light, brought his favorite golf clubs along, and just tried to remember the good times. In his honor, I set a very casual tablescape for the Memorial Day barbeque at our house. The threat of storms forced us inside to eat, but this is a tablescape that would be ideal for a golf banquet, Father’s Day, a fun birthday for the avid golfer, or for just getting together after hitting the links.
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Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, The 19th Hole – Golf & Eternal Love - Full table and buffet This tablescape began with a hunter green 90″ x 132″ tablecloth from that represented the lush greens of the golf course.

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,,The 19th Hole – Golf & Eternal Love, Place setting   Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,,The 19th Hole – Golf & Eternal Love: Flatware, Napkin, Golf Tee Napkin ring collage   Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,,The 19th Hole – Golf & Eternal Love:  Custom-made golf menu, stemware collage Each place setting began with a clear plexiglass charger. Beneath it I placed a custom-made menu for our Memorial Day meal bearing a photo of my Dad in full golf mode. Simple white Corelle dinner plates are used, along with clear glass stemware. The hunter green napkins are corralled with a green rattan ring embellished with a couple of Daddy’s golf tee’s. The casual white flatware is from T.J. Maxx.

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,,The 19th Hole – Golf & Eternal Love:  Customized "19th Hole" golf clubhouse miniature centerpiece     Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,,The 19th Hole – Golf & Eternal Love:  Custom-made "19th Hole" golf clubhouse     Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,,The 19th Hole – Golf & Eternal Love:  "19th Hole" Clubhouse details collage My Mom & sister found this birdhouse with “The 19th Hole” on it in the clearance aisle at Tuesday Morning. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, it generally refers to the golf clubhouse where golfers gather after the final hole of play. I added the words “Honoring Jim Wilson” to the portico using a Sharpie. I trimmed the rooftop with ivy to cover a missing dormer and add a little more character to the miniature structure. The personalized golf ball is one created by my cousin to put in memory bags for family members at Daddy’s funeral last June.

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,,The 19th Hole – Golf & Eternal Love:  Golf balls on tees in faux grass   Golf balls from Daddy’s stash pop up on tees from pots of faux grass as an extension of the centerpiece.

 Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,,The 19th Hole – Golf & Eternal Love:  Golf flags in pots of faux grass I created golf flags – usually found on the putting green – using our home computer. I just used a thin strip of hot glue to affix the banner part to a kabob skewer.

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,,The 19th Hole – Golf & Eternal Love:  Full buffet   Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,,The 19th Hole – Golf & Eternal Love:  Faux grass in glass vase with golf balls   Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,,The 19th Hole – Golf & Eternal Love:  Carnation Titleist golf ball collage   Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,,The 19th Hole – Golf & Eternal Love:  Golf glove, ball, clubs, shoes, towel collage The buffet behind the dining table is dressed with a “Titleist golf ball” made of carnations. (To see another carnation centerpiece ball, click HERE for “Boys of Summer Baseball Tablescape“.) The floral ball is set atop a weathered wood pedestal from Pottery Barn. I cut the logo out and affixed it to the floral ball using black pearl head pins. The carnation golf ball is flanked by clear glass vases filled with Daddy’s golf balls and brimming with faux fountain grass. In front of the floral ball are a few items from Daddy’s golf stash including a tournament glove & personalized towel and a real Titleist golf ball. On the side of the buffet are a few clubs from a set of one of Daddy’s many, many, many and a pair of his golf shoes (minus the cleats on my carpet! 🙂 )

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,,The 19th Hole – Golf & Eternal Love:  Vintage tea cart with "Hole In One" 5-Flavor Pound Cake   Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,,The 19th Hole – Golf & Eternal Love:  "Hole In One" 5-Flavor Pound Cake   Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,,The 19th Hole – Golf & Eternal Love:  Hole In One 5-Flavor Bundt Pound Cake collage


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,,The 19th Hole – Golf & Eternal Love:  Miniature grapevine wreath with golf motif

The vintage tea cart in the corner holds my “Hole In One” 5-Flavor Bundt Pound Cake on another of the Pottery Barn pedestals to cap off our Memorial Day feast. The miniature grapevine wreath will go on Daddy’s “condo door” on his birthday in December, but for now it’s just decoration. (Want the recipe for the 5-Flavor Pound Cake? Just click HERE to visit the “Recipes” page!)

I hope your Memorial Day weekend was one of both relaxation and reflection.
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After the Hunt Tablescape – Gentlemen’s Winter Retreat

Deer hunting season officially began in the great State of Missouri on November 1. While it’s not my thing (I’d much rather spend time hunting dishes!), I know there are a lot of people – men in particular – who really enjoy hunting for sport. Seems kind of silly to me with Costco just a few miles away. Anyhooooooooo……. 😉

For one of my “Winter Wonderland” tablescaping classes this semester, I created a gentlemen’s tablescape for after the hunt. Whether it’s a hunt for deer, a hunt for that little white ball you hit with a very expensive stick for 18 holes, or a hunt for that perfect Christmas gift from Tiffany’s (hint, hint!), this is a table I think many gentlemen would enjoy to unwind with a hearty meal…in a civilized manner! (This might also work well for a man’s birthday in the winter months!)
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Set up in our little library, this 48-inch round table is dressed in a full-length black linen that is topped with a piece of wonderfully soft and washable black, brown & white plaid fleece from Hobby Lobby. The fleece tablecloth conveys warmth, while the plaid pattern reminds me of the flannel shirts guys often wear under their camouflage jackets.

Each place setting starts with a wood slice charger. These wood slices are sold in the woodworking section at places like Hobby Lobby and Michael’s for about $10 apiece (but use those valuable 40% and 50% off coupons to save $$$!), and they really work well with outdoor themes or rustic tablescapes. Every slice is a little different, and that’s what makes it really cool! The oblong shape allows more of the beautiful wood to show under a round or square plate. I used black ceramic plates – a combo of Dollar Tree and Target – to complement the masculine black under linen.

 A brown leaf-shaped bowl from Pier 1 is perfect for a little venison stew or rib-stickin’ chili. Hampton Silversmith’s “Patriot” flatware has a substantial shape and weight for the masculine hand.

Over the lips, and past the tongue. Look out, stomach! Here it comes!
There’s nothing like a little whiskey on the rocks for sipping before dinner. These miniature bottles of Jack Daniel’s fine Tennessee whiskey are great for individual servings at the table or as a take-home “favor” for the guys. (Believe me, if you gave these as wedding favors, they would NOT be left sitting on the table!!!) While meat-and-potatoes guys aren’t usually given to fancy fixings, the substantial weight and cut of Godinger’s “Dublin” crystal will have them feeling like kings of the hunt or Titans of the boardroom or Gordon Gekko…whatever floats their boat. 🙂

Men tend not to favor a lot of fussiness, so I used a miniature evergreen tree and simply adorned it with this stuff I found that looks kind of like twiggy barbed wire…if that makes any sense at all.  It was just enough on the tree to lend a rugged, wintry feel without making it look too Christmas-y. The base of the tree is finished off with (naturally shed) antlers and a smattering of pine cones. No votives or candlesticks here. Guys don’t care that the amber flame is flattering to their skin tone, and they sure aren’t lookin’ for romance around this table!

The vitrine in the library is a perfect place to set up bar for refills. The deck of the vitrine is very humbly decorated with pine boughs. The urns on either side of the vitrine are topped with huge moss balls for a decidedly pared down masculine look.

On top of the secretary on the wall opposite the vitrine is this great find from a few years back. There is no way an actual deer head was coming into this house!!! This grapevine deer head wreath, however, is perfect for the occasion and lends a sort of lodge look to the room.

“Next it will be brandies in the smoking room. Now they retreat into a cloud of smoke and congratulate each other on being masters of the universe.” (Quote from “Titanic” – Rose to Jack after dinner in the first-class dining room.)

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Many, many, many thanks to fellow blogger/super sweetheart Cuisine Kathleen for the wonderful T.J. Maxx/Home Goods gift certificate I won on her site a couple of weeks ago! I am hoarding it for later use at after-Christmas sales. I’ll let you know what I buy!

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