And the Mikasa Daylight China Goes To…

You guys did NOT make the process of selecting a winner easy!

There were so many inviting, creative Spring tablescapes crafted with such obvious care. Every single table was a lovely homage to the season. I thank you all for your participation and boundless enthusiasm!

Mikasa "Daylight"

Sadly, there could be only one winner of the fabulous Mikasa “Daylight” gift set, and this time around that very lucky person is:

Marlis Bennett!!!
(Creative Journeys – Welcoming Spring Patio Tablescape Style)

Congratulations to Marlis for her beautifully-crafted Spring tablescape! If you haven’t already seen this Mediterranean-inspired beauty, click here to take a peek! (And for yet another absolutely breathtaking interpretation, click here for a look at Mary’s table using this fabulous pattern!)

HUGE thanks, kudos and kisses to Mikasa for their generosity in sponsoring this incredible giveaway! All of us who appreciate the fine art of dressing a table applaud you for making our job that much easier and that much more fun!

Again, thank you to all who entered! I hope we can do this again sometime soon! You were fabulous contenders!

9 thoughts on “And the Mikasa Daylight China Goes To…

    • Hooray for retail therapy! It’s my favorite kind of therapy!!! I’ve been getting a little taste of it myself online since I can’t get out. Nothing soothes like the sound of “ka-ching!” Have a great weekend, Kathleen, and thanks for checking on me!


    • Thanks, Debbie! I am feeling much better with each passing day. Hope to be back up and running near full speed in a couple of days. Have a great Sunday, and I’ll “see” you on Tablescape Thursday!!!


  1. Hi A!
    Put the fresh spinach in a big skillet with a little butter, s and p and sugar. Toss it around till it wilts. Let it cool. Add it to your cheese mixture.
    After you brown the rolls, put them on a pan and do in the oven, About 350, maybe 15 to 20 mins. If the chicken is pounded thin, it cooks quickly, and you don’t want to dry them out.
    I have no way to contact you other than this as you have a no reply blogger addy.
    Any ques, just ask. I hope you like it. I made 2 extra, and when we got home from gparents day, 90 min away, I was sure happy to just zap the left over linguine and stuffed chicken. Tasted just as good warmed up! 🙂


    • Thanks, Kathleen! My email address is for future reference. I am going to try this recipe later this week. I’ll let you know how it turns out! I’m sure it won’t be as pretty as yours was, but I’m going to go for taste the first time around and then try prettying it up later! Thanks so much!!!


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