Under a Paper Moon

I’ve still haven’t regained my mojo to the point that I can create, so this week I am sharing photos from a birthday dinner party last summer.


Sultry summer nights with a few close friends means casual dining under the stars…and a few colorful paper moons! My friend doesn’t like anyone to “fuss over” him, so a casual outdoor tablescape was totally in order.


This easy, breezy table starts with a white cotton linen. Next is a length of cheery lime green, turquoise, aqua & white floral fabric. The place settings are kept relatively simple so as not to fight with the strong pattern in the table covering. Clear acrylic square dinner plates in turquoise from Target are topped with sheer green salad plates to allow the pattern to shine through. Each place setting is topped with a turquoise square glass votive holder. White flatware from TJ Maxx and a white cotton napkin with a fun Tuesday Morning turquoise & green stone ring doesn’t get lost in the linen pattern. The centerpiece is very simple: a trio of Home Goods aqua glass candlesticks with fat white candles illuminate the evening’s festivities.

Fanciful turquoise and lime green paper lanterns float easily above the dining table, lending color and movement to the night. (I will never forget teetering like a tightrope walker at the top of that ladder as long as I live!)

So there you have it: casual summer dining in its simplest form.

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Thank you for stopping in!
Meet me again this week for Tablescape Thursday with Susan and the other tablescape fans over at Between Naps on the Porch!

60 thoughts on “Under a Paper Moon

  1. This tablescape is very colorful! Thus making it not at all “simple”. Definitely cheerful and summery! 🙂 Give yourself some time sweetie, your mojo will return. xx


    • Thanks, Mona. I know it will return…someday. In fact, I had a bit of an epiphany just this morning. I’ve pulled out the old Alberto Pinto book to thumb through for a bit more inspiration. I know everyone isn’t a fan of his uber-European style, but I’m feeling the need to try something different. Maybe that will get the ol’ creative juices flowing freely once again. At least I hope so!!! Ooooohhh…the people are supposed to come on the 9th re: the cherub. I’ll let you know from there what they say!


  2. Love your paper lanterns~ how festive! Your patterned turquoise, lime & aqua tablecloth is the perfect foundation for outdoor dining and your glassware! I’m sure your friend felt special & honored especially with your tightrope walk 🙂 I love how your giftwrap once again matches the table~


    • Hi, Mary. What is it with me and my OCD wanting every little thing to complement the decor?!?!?!! I’ve been called out a time or two for even dressing in clothes that were perhaps a bit too matchy-matchy! I guess I’m just gettin’ loony in my old age! 😉


  3. Love the colors.. so cool and refreshing. I agree, simple plates so as not to fight with the pattern.. The lanterns were definitely worth the teeters.. I just got some at World Market at 75% off!!! (and used my 15% coupon too – can you see for pennies??) I love that fabric. It’s just grand that outdoor tables are less wide than dining tables so the fabric works beautifully!
    I am such a big fan of aqua and lime green. stunning Alycia!


    • Thank you, Marlis! 75% off?!??!!! Oh, wow….I wish!!! Maybe next year! And, yes…I love it that outdoor tables are not as wide until I need to put a monstrosity of a centerpiece on there that won’t fit! 🙂


  4. Wow..what else is there to say? The colour scheme is fabulous, even in the subtude lighting of the evening it still looks bright and fresh. you could use this setting day or night. love love love it!

    I didnt manage to get a table laid for this week either, but I did manage to share how I got a new header and background for my little blog. I am so happy with myself even if I am complete idiot usually…maybe that’s why I’m so happy with myself. lol

    Thanks for showing us your lovely table.



    • Hi, Jo! So glad you stopped by!!! I just went by your blog and saw all the cool changes. Congrats! Great job! You will be a whiz on the computer in no time. I know just enough to be dangerous! 😉 I’m looking forward to seeing another tablescape from you soon!!!!!!


  5. Wow, wow, wow, I love this table. You have used my favorite colors. I love the clear plates layered together, I would never have thought of doing that but I love it and can’t wait to try it myself.


    • Thanks, Taunnie! I’m glad you like it! I love clear plates…they just provide SO many options! They are especially great when you have a table covering with a design that is too pretty to cover up. Ooooh…..a clear salad plate on your great Fiestaware would look great, too! Viva the clear plates! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!


  6. You know you’re my fav! Keep the juices flowing, I’m sure you’ll be “dishing” in no time. This is such a fun table. Those colors look soooo cool and inviting. Love love love the paper lanterns. Thing is……..ya gotta hang them somewhere, right? I never find the right configuration to hang. Chandelier is too low, no trees over the outdoor tables, etc. I’m thinking bamboo poles stuck into the ground with them tied on. Too contrived? I never want to let a good detail go unused, ya know! I wanna be just like YOU!


    • Hey there, Linda! Well…the mojo is back now. I got inspired a couple of days ago and gave it a shot. We’ll see….! 🙂 I know what you mean about the configuration thing. I had to scout that area of the tree, and then once I found it I had to hang on to the ladder for dear life because the ground below was uneven. We have tons of trees in the yard, but it’s just tough finding the right spot that is out of the direct sunshine, not mushy from the guy behind us draining his pool, not facing something profoundly ugly like another neighbor’s kids’ swing set, doesn’t have a squirrel nest….it’s just so hard!!! I think the bamboo poles in the ground is a great idea! I did that once for a wedding, and it worked out great! You really have to dig DEEP, though, so buy poles that are much longer than you think you need. If you can’t find bamboo poles that are long enough, maybe try metal ones? You could spray paint ’em any color you want and they’d last forever. Hmmmmm…I may have to try that myself! Thanks for stopping by!!!!!!


  7. Oh, my friend Alycia, this is too gorgeous! I love the tablecloth and how the transparent china shows it, just lovely. The colors are great and so fresh and summery. Love the lanterns, they give it the touch! Wonderful birthday celeb tablescape. Thanks for sharing, I just dropped from TT at, BNOTP. Hugs, FABBY


  8. I am just trying to get my blog mojo back, too. I haven’t been around much since you got to Savannah. I hope all is well with the move.

    This table is great, of course. I always love the colors that you put together. My favorite thing about this one is the transparency of those plates in the setting. That gives it such an airy look.

    Hope to see you using that famous mojo of yours soon!


  9. When you are in SEMo, try the Diebold Orchard Stand near Sikeston … and Cape Girardeau is filled with antique stores … They also have a Tuesday Morning. If you get to Southern Illinois … you might enjoy the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail … and a few more collectible shops in Murpysboro!


    • Thank you for the tip!!!!! I don’t want to just sit in the hotel room all day by myself. I think I will get out and do a little exploring. Ramon will be pleased to have fresh fruit waiting for him!!! It’ll be a great surprise! I don’t think we’ll get to Southern Illinois since we’ll just be there for 2 days, but the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail will definitely be on the “must see” list if we do. Thanks so much!!!!!


  10. The colars are so refreshing wonderful table, enjoyed your charger and dishes and the candle holders are so beautiful loved the colar too.

    Beautifully set table as always.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Karin Şen Cankan


  11. Oh, these colors are so wonderful – just what we need when it is so hot. I love how your beautiful cloth can shine through. I love the paper lanterns. Lingering around that candlelit table sounds like bliss.


  12. I just love the lanterns. We just got back from Girl’s Camp for our church and we had a Princess theme – we had them paint there own battery operated lanterns and they used them during our “Singing in the trees” and lifted them up high and turned them off! It was like Tangled!!!! They make such a fabulous party statement. I am planning to do a table with them (if I get around to it!) I love the colors – so pretty!

    I know what you mean! I haven’t had the blogging time I want this summer, either to create or go and visit! I hope I get some mojo back! You too!


    • Thank you, Linda! I just visited your post for this week and seriously…that last photo with the American flag in it looks SO Ralph Lauren!!! I love it! Glad you liked this one. It has special memories for me. See you soon!!!


  13. What a beautiful table! The lanterns above make it magical! Love the cool, summer colors too. The dishes really appear as glass, so pretty!!!!! I bet it was a FUN evening! XO, Pinky


  14. Beautiful! The simicity makes a HUGE statement. I love the paper lanterns. The colors and decor looks like a cool breezy evening. I’m beginning to forget what those are. Thank you for visiting my little bog and you kind words. Catch you later on another TT.



    • Hi there, Zeva, and thank you for stopping in! I know what you mean about forgetting what cool breezes feel like. It has been excruciatingly hot here in the Kansas City, MO area, and we are SO over it!!! Storms brought in cooler weather for today (if we can call 87 degrees cooler!), and we are looking forward to a high in the upper 70s on Wednesday. Hooray!!!! I hope you guys get something better in TX sometime soon! Meanwhile, take care and I’ll talk to you again soon!


  15. Ooh my goodness, your comments on my Days for Girls Garden Party post brought tears to my eyes!! How kind and how wonderful that you can empathize with the girls!! Isn’t it just wonderful that CELESTE has taken note of their suffering and chosen to do something about it!! She truly is one of the most remarkable women I have ever met. It’s such a pleasure to help her with her endeavors…with this great cause!!
    Thank you also for your sweet comments about my tablescapes. It was fun to work with ‘what we had’ and with everyone’s special contributions.
    I hope you are having a wonderful summer!!
    Warmest regards,


  16. I LOVE your fun table too!! My daughter needs a table like that for her next birthday party….she would love it….it’s all her favorite colors 🙂
    Except I’ll have YOU come do the scaaary ladder dance…. 😉


    • Hi, Alexandrea! Thanks for stopping by! I don’t think a King’s ransom could get me back up on that ladder again! Yikes!!! That thing was swaying back & forth because it was kind of windy out. That was goofy on my part to be up there with winds gusting 20-25 mph. By evening the winds had settled down considerably so the lanterns just sort of danced…thank goodness! 🙂 Have a great week!


    • Thanks, Alexandrea. Y’know, it really burns my butter beans when I hear of such things. Something so “basic” as that (in our country, anyway) should not stand in the way of the girls’ education. I worked for The Kauffman Foundation’s Project Choice for several years back in the 80s and 90s. Project Choice was originally designed to help young people successfully complete high school with the promise of a fully paid college education. We quickly discovered it was not just the teens’ educational needs that needed to be addressed, but oftentimes familial and personal needs as well for them to be successful. It’s not always just about the books. I would encourage anyone reading this to check out your post at http://tuckedawayinmyatelier.blogspot.com/2011/08/days-for-girls-garden-party.html. Excellent post!


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