Give Peace a Chance – Retro Tablescape

With the recent passing of the Bee Gees’ Robin Gibb and iconic disco queen Donna Summer, I find myself in a retro sort of mood. I have been listening to a lot of music from the 60s and 70s the past few weeks. I have a whole “British Invasion” playlist on my iPod that includes a lot of Beatles music. John Lennon’s “Give Peace a Chance” somehow played twice in a row, and I took it as a sign (a peace sign?) that I should pay homage to the era. So tuck a flower in your hair, put on your mood ring, slip into your bell bottoms, and get ready for a hip and very colorful retro tablescape!!!
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The day was a breezy one, so it was a challenge to keep everything on the table! The hot pink table linen kept going all Marilyn Monroe-on-the-subway-grate-in-the-“Seven Year Itch” on me!!! 😉


I drew on all the bright, mind-bending colors of the 1960s including hot pink, yellow, and a range of blues. Each psychedelic place setting starts with a yellow woven placemat, slightly overlapped with an aqua one, both from Bed Bath & Beyond. Hot pink ruffled chargers from Crate & Barrel are then topped with an aqua blue plastic dinner plate and a funky fun tie-dye “peace” salad plate from Hobby Lobby.(Have your corneas burned out yet? :-))

Bright hot pink flatware from TJ Maxx is positioned to resemble a peace sign. The color really resonates against the aqua blue of the placemat! Right on!!!


IMG_6224WMYou might think I’m totally zonked and trippin’ to imagine this, but I actually thought that this so-called “bunny ears napkin fold” looked a lot like a peace sign! Work with me, people! Look at the hot pink napkins folded and secured with a Bed Bath & Beyond daisy napkin ring (to soothe your inner flower child!) and tucked into the simple clear glass stemware. Tell me that doesn’t look like the fun resin peace sign here from Home Decorators Collection!!!

IMG_6222WMThere’s a lot of 1960s flower power going on here! This groovy chick was so much fun to create using a simple Styrofoam head and inexpensive faux Gerbera daisies from Hobby Lobby. I just clipped the daisies from the cluster, leaving a 2-inch stem that I simply stuck into the head to create a full 1960s “afro.” She, of course, is decked out with her soulful shades. (Make the floral hair a bit longer on the sides and in the back, and you’ve created a Beatle-esque “mop top“!)

IMG_6239WMI created the look of the mega-sized hoop earrings of the era using floral wire spray painted gold and formed into a circle around a coffee can.

More flower power with this vase of oversized faux Gerbera daisies!

Sources: (Goldie Hawn); (Janis Joplin); (Beatles); (Sock It To Me button); (Supremes); (Jimi Hendrix); (lava lamps); (John Lennon)

Can you dig it? Did I blow your mind?
This setting would be great to celebrate the birthday party of someone born in the 60s or turning 60!

Jet on over with me to Susan’s crib anytime after 9:00 Central Time this Thursday to let it all hang out with some other really far out chicks & dudes for Tablescape Thursday.  It’ll be a gas, man!

Have a nice day! 🙂
(Post update: Tablescape Thursday has been cancelled for this week due to technical difficulties in the hostess’s change over from Blogger to Word Press. Please join us all next week for Tablescape Thursday!)

43 thoughts on “Give Peace a Chance – Retro Tablescape

  1. Love the colors…love just about everything…to this day I have huge issues with the peace sign…my husband was one of the silver star Viet Nam vets returning home to be pummeled with disrespect. He has no kind words to say about the sign. He was always adamant that our children would never wear that sign in any form…he considered it a total insult to veterans. He would tell you that the fingers in a ‘v’ is a victory sign. Whew, got that off my chest. I’m certain that lots of people enjoy the peace sign. You’ve pulled together a bright, flower power tablescape that indeed sings of the time. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay


  2. Far out man. This tablescape is like groovy and so peace, love and flowers everywhere. I love daisies. Where did I put my tie die t-shirt and bell bottoms? Once again, you did a fabulous job with your chosen theme. Stay cool. Peace.


  3. Hey Dudette, far out! Like Groovy sister. I love this! How fun is this colorful table and also brings back memories. You have really celebrated the 60’s.


  4. Of all of your creative masterpieces, this is far and away the most FUN. I love the colors and the use of the flowers and the peace signs. I didn’t see the napkin in the glass one at first glance, but after you pointed it out, you are DEFINITELY not trippin’… It looks perfect, especially with the flower.

    My favorite part of all is the styrofoam head with the sunglasses and daisies. You crack me up! That was just perfect.

    Really and truly, this is one of my favorite “21” tables. So clever!!


  5. Alycia this table is so right on I can’t believe it. The colors and peace plates and flowers with napkins the head, glasses and flowers. Girlfriend you didn’t miss a beat. Love it all. This is one of my fav’s of all your fab tables. Your fun personality just shines through. Tell me should we wear a tie dyed TShirt to your soiree?….I definitely don’t want to miss this one!!!

    Hugs my cute friend,



  6. Alycia…I am imagining you setting the table wearing your bell bottoms, your round glasses and tie dyed shirt..singing “all you need is love”….

    I cannot believe you found those great peace sign plates….This table setting is wonderful…it would make a great setting for a birthday party of a child from the 60’s….I so love it!!!….Your table belongs in the fields of Woodstock!


  7. Wow Girl! This is sooo cool! You know man… it’s like more then trippin man,… it’s far out! You certainly pulled this one together well. Love the head full of flowers with glasses. It’s all so Groovy!


  8. Wow you even still had the lingo down pat from the 60s and a perfect table and decor to reflect the era. I was in high school in mid to late 60s so remember it all well. The hot pink and turquoise with orange daisies were a vibrant combination for the table. Love the flatware too, I must have missed those at TJMaxx. I went to college in the Fall of 68 so remember seeing peace signs everywhere, your table sure has those memories flooding in right now. thanks for a great table and old memories.


  9. Like, man I am diggin’ it!! Soooo groovy!! I danced a million miles to Robin Gibb and Donna Summer!! Your psychedelic momma is just the coolest!! I don’t think I would have thought to add the earrings or the flower hair!! Love the peace sign hand and the peace plates. I’m showing this to my kids, they will get a kick out of it!! It definitely makes me smile!!


  10. Alycia~ I’m digging it! You really socked it to me to quote Goldie Hawn! I love your sense of fun and my inner flower child is right at home sitting at your table… Your styrofoam head complete with shades, hoops & blooming curls is too clever, or should I say cool? 🙂


  11. Right on, right on, right on!! Love it! Those flowers in the vase are perfect for this retro look! They really help make it look perfect! Those peace plates are too cute! All the bright pinks, oranges, greens, yellows are so perfect! I had a bedroom with hot pink walls, a pink and green flowered bedspread as well as black light posters!!
    This was a fun post!


  12. Dear Lady A,
    wow! Flower power… Peace to all mankind. Love the neon color. It looks so me.

    Retro-ing the setting is an absolutely gesture of our younger years. Ahhh… who forget those beautiful peaceful days. Love this setting so much.

    BTW, if you have time to peek my new foodie blog (not so updated) pls feel free for the Scandinavian Sandwich cake. I am not sure if you allow URL linkies here. I give you the link here and hope it is ok:



  13. Girl, you absolutely “crack” me up. Is there no end to the talent you have for putting a table together? Talk about flower power, peace signs to say nothing of the Marilyn Monroe moment, girl you rock!! You can’t go wrong listening to 60’s music, I remember my brother playing it all the time. I can only imagine the conversation going on over this flower powered table.
    hugs ~lynne~


  14. This is great! I think it would be fun to live in your little head for a day…

    I love all of the bright colors and that little Flower lady in the center…totally awesome! I love how you overlapped the placemats, too…ways to add more layers of color…genius!

    Have a great weekend!


  15. Whew! You have so much energy it almost wore me out–and I’m on the couch just reading away!! What a fun, contagious post, Alycia. And the hand….too much! Someday I’m going to get myself to your house just to see where you put all this stuff! I always think I have a lot of “props”–then I see your post and naaahhh…you got me beat by a long shot! Very cool table and post all around (as always). ~Zuni


  16. I’m diggin’ this groovy retro scene, man. Like far out! LOL, This is sooo much fun. I remember Goldie Hawn on Laugh In. Loved that program.
    Great theme and GREAT party decor! Love it Alycia.


  17. Hi lovely lady.
    Your Tablescape is Beautiful with all the colors it just pop.!! and you did a great job putting this all together for your party. I hope you have a wonderful week with your family.
    XXOO Diane


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  19. This is so beautiful. My daughter would love it. She had one of those “peace” salad plates from hobby lobby, but it got broken last night. If you still have these plates, would you be willing to sell them to me?


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  21. Hi..I just found your site….WOW!!! Love your ideas. Any chance you would want to sell the “peace” plates. Or rent them for use? I do a fundraiser call “Festival of Tables” and I want to do a ’60’s themed table. All the monies from the fundraiser are donated to our local hospital. I would gladly borrow or rent or buy if you are wanting to sell those peace lov’n plates.


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