Winter Dinner Tablescape

I had a good time this morning doing a live segment on holiday tablescaping at our local CBS station, KCTV-5, on the “Better Kansas City” show. Host Kelly Jones made me feel very comfortable and welcome. It was weird to be on the “other side” of a show like that. I hosted a half-hour news program called “District Directions” way back in the 1980s. (Yes, young people…television had been invented back then!) Don’t know if it’s because I’ve aged mellowed or what, but it seemed less frenetic than back when I was doing the interviewing with someone else in the hot seat some 25 years and 40 lbs. ago!

Behind the anchor desk of “District Directions”, November 1987.
That was then…

…and this is now, 25 years later.
On the set of “Better Kansas City” with my friend, Barbara, and host Kelly Jones.

I wanted so much to hate the tall, svelte, gorgeous, gracious host of the show because she is tall, svelte, gorgeous and gracious, but I just couldn’t. She was aces! 😉 My friend, Barbara, is skinny, too, and she did a fantabulous job of helping me to set up. Because she is skinny, though, I have officially decided I don’t like her, either! 😉

So…the table. My segment was first up, so Barbara and I kicked into high gear with just about 45 minutes to get everything ready. I had set up at home first to make sure I had all the necessary elements. Our dining table is 6 ft. x 42″, but the table on set was only 30″ wide. I made some adjustments for width by putting 3 place settings on each side. Then, per the director, I moved some of the centerpiece items around to create an unencumbered sight line for the camera.

A quick change out of my very ladylike Keds and chambray work shirt into high heels and jacket, then ready, and…we’re live!

Click the image above to see the live segment. (For those of you hearing my voice for the first time…I’m sorry! I kinda laugh like a hyena in heat! ;-))

Here’s the winter tablescape as it was set up at home…

Having a 42″ vs. 30″ wide table makes a huge difference! I like the way both turned out, though. It’s really a very simple tablescape to create that doesn’t burn through your bank account. Lots of candlelight adds warmth to the wintry look while the glass cylinders, mirrored chargers, and silver Christmas ornaments add that icy shine. The pine cones bring a rustic element to the tablescape. Changing out the ornaments for  gilded mini pumpkins would turn this into a slick contemporary Thanksgiving look, while deep-sixing the pine cones for miniature disco balls (mirror balls) would transform it into a terrific New Year’s Eve tablescape.

So that’s my day in the bright lights! Many, many thanks to host Kelly Jones, producer Erin Cansler, and all the terrific folks at KCTV-5 and “Better Kansas City” (including that very handsome camera operator!). A special thanks to Ty Edwards of All Things In Place who recommended me for the show and to Barbara Alsup for getting up at the butt crack of dawn to help me set up.

For more Winter tablescape ideas, please visit the Winter page!

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I am linking up with Cuisine Kathleen this week for “Let’s Dish!” and Susan for “Tablescape Thursday” so please join us!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

60 thoughts on “Winter Dinner Tablescape

  1. Well that explains why you appear so comfortable on camera. 🙂 I like this tablescape is even more elegant in the candlelight. Makes it sparkle and twinkle. Again, well done! xx


  2. Oh Alycia you did a marvelous job! The presentation looked great and you came across very well! You’re pictures from before the show are too funny! I love seeing the table at your home too- especially with the candles lit! Those are some mightly tall candles too! That was so sweet of your neighbor to help you- we all need friends like that!
    Great job!


  3. Alycia, what fun this is. You have had a very exciting life, a politician for a mom, you were a news anchor, a doctor husband, wow!!!!! Blessings to you and yours this Thanksgiving. All your arrangements are always just gorgeous. xo


  4. Hi Beautiful! You were and twenty-five years later still gorgeous. Congratulations on all these achievements. Love the tablescape and the tall containers with pinecones and ornaments. Happy Thanksgiving Shenita.


  5. Bravo!!!…Let’s hand you the Emmy for The Tablescape Show….you are a natural in front of the camera…So when may I have your autograph!!…Your table was exquisite!!…I really think you missed your calling…Call HGTV, tell them we need a tablescapes show with you as the host!!…
    You looked so fabulous behind that “anchor desk”….Love, love, loved it!!!
    You were mah-va-lous!!!! 🙂


  6. Wow….so cool Alycia…just love your creativity!!!

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  7. It was so much fun to see you on TV! Ray was sitting here with me, (waiting for his dinner) and we really enjoyed watching it. He said, “Wow, she is really talented!” I love this table with the glittery pinecones and the dark brown tones against the whites — just beautiful!

    You have to click on page 2 at the bottom of the page to find your segment, then click on that — so better tell everyone that!

    Loved it1


  8. I’m a proud Mom!! Alycia you are extremely talented and a natural on television. You could handle your own show with a tremendous following. Your Tree decoration skills are equally as commendable. You need to post those, starting with mine.


  9. There is no end to your talent, I caught most of the show before I went to my Pt but I did record it and will watch later. It was great! Poise, classs you have it all so when your’re out there doing your bargin shopping pick yourself up a trophy you deserve it. Cheers


  10. You rock!!! You were really poised and presented so well, Alycia. A seasoned pro. I love this table. It is really very versatile. And you showed them how to take what they probably have and make is fabulous. And you lugged all that stuff to the studio.. bravo!!! Oh Alycia, it’s just beautiful. Love those napkins and I am such a sucker for pinecones! I’m so proud of you and so proud to cyber “know” you!! Have a very blessed Thanksgivings. xo marlis


  11. Oh my! I LOVED your segment. You were so comfortable talking “live”, so props for that, but I loved that you made creating a beautiful table so doable. I think that you just made many people feel comfortable creating a tablescape. You give people confidence, and in entertaining, that’s what makes a great evening.


  12. AS ALWAYS…..SPOT ON ALYCIA!!!!!! Wonderful segment, you look perfect in your black outfit with the snowflakes and your smile! The table looked amazing as always….simple with the silver balls and pine cones for seasonal touch. Thank you to your TABLESCAPE WHISPERER as well…..


  13. Loved you segment on television. You, of course, did a sterling job. I think you have a great Lauren Bacall, slightly husky voice. Also, I got a peak at those gorgeous legs during the shot of you doing your set up. That host has nothing on you! The pinecones were such an effective design element for your table. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Happy Thanksgiving! Cherry Kay


  14. I loved seeing that segment! You were wonderful, and that table was magnificent. I loved the huge cylinder vases best of all and the way they gave the table a majestic feeling. . You made me literally laugh out loud when you said, “Don’t mistake different for plain out weird .” And then, you called the hubs the tablescape whisperer. LOL


  15. SPECTACULAR! You are such a natural in front of the camera! I picture you as the girl in keds polishing your mirrored chargers but once you’re dressed and speaking on camera, I feel like I should have my make up and hair done and not sipping coffee in my sweats this morning 🙂 So fun to put a voice with your face and so professional! I feel like I should go back and moderate all my comments in kind 🙂 Gorgeous table! Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!


  16. Alycia!!! I just got a chance to view the video. Fabulous! You are a natural, girl. And for the record you looked wonderful on the air. Love those blingy pins on your lapel. I enjoyed the whole interview. Well done! I loved the part where you called your hubby the tablescape whisperer! I’m going to be putting my T-giving table together today or tomorrow morning. A very happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


  17. Alycia, I was so excited to see you on TV!!! Then I made the Hubs watch it! He liked you too! You looked Fabulous and you look EVEN BETTER in person! You are adorable and your bubbly personality shines through the camera! Happy Thanksgiving!


  18. What a natural you are, Alycia! You should be on TV all the time. Woo hoo for YOU!! I LOVE your dreamy winterscape. It’s so simple, stunning and romantic. I love those tall cylinders filled with pinecones and silver balls. I’m telling you, like I’ve said before, I’ll cook and you do the decorating. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!


  19. Congratulations!!!!! This is sooooooo exciting! What a wonderful way to kick off the holidays. Love your table, but then again, I love all of your tables. How neat to take on the road and the camera. I’m so happy for you!

    – The Tablescaper


  20. It’s a beautiful table and I’m so happy you had the opportunity. For some reason I couldn’t get the video. I wanted to hear the hyena laugh. I also have do doubt that you were fantastic. Have you ever thought of posting videos on YouTube?


  21. AMAZING!!!!! I loved watching that! I need your autograph, move over Katie Couric you are the next talk show host, a real natural.
    Your table is beautiful, love the tall cylinders with the pine cones.
    Thanks for linking to Let’s Dish, Miss Celebrity, and Happy Thanksgiving!


  22. You go girl. You are so talented and I am so happy for you. What a hottie!
    Alycia you are quite the entertainer. you do it all. The table is gorgeous….Great idea with the pine cones. Enjoy your Thanksgiving. I know you aren’t having it at home.


  23. Hi Alycia wow…. you look beautiful now and then and you wear a lovely smile.such awesome pictures. what a wonderful tablescape you have did a great job…….thank you beautiful…sujatha….:):):)


  24. Hi Alycia. Didn’t get you on the news but fun to see you on your blog. You have been such a good friend. Got to know about your tv show. Very beautiful tablescape. This will make you famous which you deserve. Love you


  25. Oh my darling friend, I do hope you are still having a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving. Your table is gorgeous, as gorgeous as you were and still are! You look great my friend, beautiful and talented, so much to thank for.
    Lots of hugs,


  26. Never mind who is skinnier than who – you are beautiful and anyone who can set a table as gorgeously as you, is a step above any “weight issue”! LOL How exciting to be able to set a table on TV and what a beautiful t’scape you created for it! Love the tall cylinder vases with pine cones – now that’s a statement piece! Haven’t watched the live clip yet but am going back to do so!



  27. Alycia, it’s my turn to visit your blog and your tablescape has blown me away. I also played the clip from your appearance on TV and you were marvelous, so relaxed and approachable. I wish we lived close by so I could attend your tablescaping classes! I love the idea of combining pinecones with silver balls. It’s stunning! I may just have to borrow this idea for my Christmas table!


  28. OMG… (10 times more!) §;-) You are so talented, Lady A! I am not just blown away with this setting. This is one of the most beautiful settings I ever seen in your settings. So calm and whimsy. The tall glass jar w/ pinecones? Extraordinary… I will do a copy cat of this in my future settings, Lady and hope it is ok… I will for sure link you on the post. So keep looking? Well, let me find and buy the jars first, k? *giggles…

    Love your creations…honestly! Hope you know that by now. *wink

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving Day and gathered all your loveones around your pretty table.

    GB you,


  29. Alycia you looked beautiful as did your table! How exciting that so many viewers had the opportunity to see your talent! I love the way you take very affordable elements and create something so spectacular and elegant. Those glass tubes are incredible; what statement pieces they are. Truly another lovely table!


  30. Hi Alycia, I came by for a visit last night and viewed your post and got interrupted before I could comment. I am back today to give my accolades on your tablescape. As always they are so perfect! You are very talented. I could not view the TV segment and I was disappointed. My flash player is out of date and I must take care of that. I also couldn’t find the segment when I scrolled down. Embarrassing I am the only one unable to view.

    I love to read your comments. You are so witty and a great writer and decorator. It is always a treat to see what you are up to. I have had a busy November and haven’t been able to view blogs or post. I miss so much when I am doing other things.


  31. Hi Alycia, Wow! You are amazing. My favorite combination is natural with bling and you pull it off in a stylish and elegant tablescape. I’ve learned from you that I need to incorporate some vertical elements on my next tablescape. Thanks for visiting my blog and your sweet comments.


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