Ready For My Close-Up, Mr. DeMille!

L to R: Friend/Neighbor/Fabulous Helper Barbara, Host Kelly Jones, me.

L to R: Friend/Neighbor/Fabulous Helper Barbara, Host Kelly Jones, me
I feel like Uncle Festus standing next to these skinny women! 🙂

I wanted to share the video with you from my second appearance this morning on “Better Kansas City“. This is a local morning show that covers a wide spectrum of topics including home decor and entertaining. I was so honored to be invited back after my first appearance in November! Today I discussed buffet tablescapes…really fun!

When I arrived home later this morning, I hopped out of my car to greet a neighbor and slipped on a patch of black ice in the driveway. I can’t show you the photos of my backside (think rug burn at its worst on top of cottage cheese a.k.a. cellulite! :-)), but my hands got roughed up pretty good. My head may very well have left a dent in the concrete, too. It hit so hard that I literally saw stars!!! The worst part, though? I really scuffed up my beautiful black leather boot!!!!! 😦


I’ll work on getting the post from today’s show ready and try not to completely off myself with clumsiness in the process. Meanwhile, I hope you’ll pop over to the KCTV-5 “Better Kansas City” site and check out the segment! It’ll be up all week, although the page it’s on will change. Many thanks to everyone at Better Kansas City (co-hosts Kelly Jones and Lisa Holbrook, producer Erin Cansler, tech guy/gracious gentleman Mike who, when putting on my mic, didn’t say a word about all the Spanx goin’ on under there, always good-lookin’ cameraman Chris, and sweet, pretty Lauren) my neighbor Barbara, and my friend Sheri who took lots of great pictures!
Happy Monday, everyone!

Here are the photos from the show that tell the story from start to finish!

(Click on any photo to enlarge/enhance it. Photos by Sheri L. Grant)

Set collageThe set of “Better Kansas City”

Placing linen, manzanitas & moss collageWe arrived at the studio at 7:45 a.m., unloaded in about 15 minutes. With just 45 minutes to set up the entire tablescape, there’s no time to waste! (But I still always take time to measure for proper placement!)

Placing bowls, spoons, forks collageDepicting a “nearly Spring” buffet, I used a variety of vessels including chafers, flat trays, stacked cake stands, and glass ramekins.

IMG_0567Lots of bling hung among the manzanita branches and placed on the table with the reindeer moss to add a little glitz. This is a table that would work well for a Springtime bridal shower, bridal luncheon, or 60th wedding anniversary.

IFAs Barbara adds the finishing touches, I consult with the producer’s assistant on the minutiae of the script.


Finished table close ups collageWith just about 5 minutes to spare, the table is completely set and ready!

Getting dressed collageThe table is dressed, now it’s my turn!

IFThe sound guy is ready to get me mic’d up. Don’t I look lovely in my gym socks and sneakers? Maybe I should have kept them on to avoid the slip & fall described earlier! 🙂

Final impressions collageOh, so picky and NEVER satisfied, Barbara and I discuss possible adjustments in the remaining moments before the show goes live.

IFWe swoop in to make a couple of quick tweaks (like adding “ice” to the forks assembled in the little crystal bucket), then finally declare…


To see how this same concept translated into a sit-down dinner for 8, click HERE to see “Moss & Manzanitas”.

49 thoughts on “Ready For My Close-Up, Mr. DeMille!

  1. I’m laughing myself silly at your self-deprecating comments! But you poor thing! What a nasty fall! I hope the bruising and burns go away quickly, but if you are even remotely like me, I know that your sense of dignity will have the hardest time recovering! And you DO NOT look like Festus! You look fabulous!


  2. Another great job…glad you didn’t fall while on camera! LOL Hope it doesn’t keep you down for very long, as I am sure you will be really sore come tomorrow. I love your description…rug burn on cottage cheese!


  3. You looked fabulous darling! Great job on your television spot!! Ouch! on the slip and fall. Bless your heart. I hope your wounded prided, and the bumps and scrapes heal quickly.


  4. Alycia, PLEASE, go to the hospital like I’ll bet that your doctor husband is pleading with you to do. Hitting your head like you did is a really big deal. If something manifests itself later, your insurance won’t cover you for the accident if you didn’t get checked out at the hospital within 24 hours of the accident! Probably nothing is wrong, but cover your bases, sweet friend! I’ll be waiting on a 250 word written report on what the hospital says. Love, Cherry Kay

    Sent from my iPad


  5. You are great on camera! Like you have been doing it for years. makes me which even more that I could come to class. You looked great and I hope you recover from your fall quickly. Good thing you didn’t have a concussion. Didn’t your Mom teach you that your head and concrete don’t mix? Yikes. Dianne


  6. You are very photogenic and always smiling! Great job on your television debut! Not so good about the the fall, but I hope you heal quickly. Go order a new pair of boots and you will feel better!!


  7. Oh girl! I’m so sorry about your accident on that nasty black ice. I have a black ice horror story in my history. Also a trip down the stairs landing on my face story. Oye! I hope you aren’t aching much. I’ll hop over to try to see your new segment and your black boots before the scuff!


  8. Please take care of yourself! That is not something to laugh off, no matter how clumsy and silly you feel….or how busy you are and just can’t be bothered, which I’m sure is more like it! Your segment on Better Kansas City was GREAT! You gave lots of ideas, plus left viewers feeling like they could entertain successfully…The manzanita branches are totally BRILLIANT! That is an awesome tablescape, just beautiful! So glad I got to see it!


  9. Oh honey, I hope you are not terribly heart!! Please take care, as your hand did suffer a hard heat! They were so lucky you left them with such famous and genious expertise, my sweet friend. Hey…you don’t look fat next to those tall and slim look great and don’t ever short sell yourself!! I’m gonna look to see you on tv on you tube, I think. You are our super star friend from bloig land. Please let me know how you’re feeling…did you go to the doc?! Have a good week and please rest and take good care. Lots of hugs,


  10. Oh!!! I am so sorry about your fall.Black ice .. don’t miss it at all.
    I hope you recover speedily from your injuries. Crying with you on the boots though. I am a shoeaholic 🙂
    I did go over and see the clip. LUVED it.. You can stand next to me anytime dear friend, I am only 5’2″ You will be tall!!
    HUGS, Gee


  11. Congrats Alycia! What a joy to get to see you live! Although we’ve never met outside of email and comments, your voice and mannerisms are just like I pictured because your fun personality comes across so well! You are a doll and an inspiration. Hope your wounds heal quickly! Hugs to you, Jessica


  12. Alycia, job well done but that was inevitable! The table was gorgeous – a winter wonderland with spring blossoms peaking out – great idea! Now let me just say, as for falling on black ice, I did the exact same thing in front of the building I use to work at in Crown Center in front of many witnesses. I saw stars as well, as I hit my head too. One of my co-workers reported the incident to the infirmary so a nurse came to my desk to check me out–how embarrassing yet and still. Anyway, I hope you are okay and try to pamper yourself a little so you can heal faster.


  13. Ok, let me just calm down the giggles… it’s not funny… shouldn’t be, but first thing I know I’m reading “ready for the close-up Mr. DeMille!” and then “my backside” (dangers of cross reading ;)) and suddenly “Oh, My! She lost it…” ahahahah 😉
    Ok, I’m ok. You would be too soon, Sweet Lady!
    Take Care!
    Teresa (giggling her way to watch the buffet ideas clip. So happy you returned to the show; they’re amazing and so sweet and you suit them wonderfully)


  14. Oh, poor sweetie! That sounded like a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad fall! I tore up my hand when I fell while running (years and years ago), and I know how badly that hurts! The other areas are going to be sore, too. My sympathies! But how exciting about your second TV appearance! Congrats!


  15. Oh no Alycia!….How is your head?…I am sure the “resident physician” is keeping a close eye on you!…..Ice…that is something I have had to get used to when we moved north!..I remember when I fell once, all I could think of me scratching my boots….so I had to laugh hard when you commented on your new boots getting scuffed!!….I just watched your video….you rocked that segment!!!….the table looked wonderful…I loved it when you said that if you had a good amount of decor on the table, people would not seem to focus on how how much or little food there was!!….The trees looked amazing…you are certainly so very comfortable in front of the camera!!! Job well done Alycia!!!….


  16. Awesome job on your TV segment! Sorry about your fall…hope you are feeling better soon. Like everyone else has said, make sure you are taking care of your head…scary, scary!
    I loved the little tree branches on your buffet table…so lovely, of course everything you do is always lovely! Have a great week and feel better soon!


  17. Sweetie I could’nt find the story on the web but I know it was fabulous.
    Now, don’t wear the pretty boots out when it’s icky, carry them to put on at your destination and save your toshie. Take care we need you.


  18. Uncle Festus my foot! You look fabulous!! My sister is doing a similar segment on a SLC show, but they didn’t ask her to do tablescapes (she has a ton of gorgeous ones on her blog), they asked her to demonstrate some breadsticks — I thought it was a funny choice! You took a nasty one, and you are so funny about caring about your boots!! Joni


  19. It’s me again. I went and watched your clip. It was on page 8. What a great segment!! You are so great in front of the camera. I loved seeing the pictures in the video — a boat!!! You cracked me up with that one. It was so fun to see you on-air personality!! It is very similar to your gracious and funny comments that you post! Well, it is so nice to learn and mix with such a pro!! Your buffet table with the manzanita branches on it was so appropriate for a January buffet and so clever. Thanks for posting the link! Joni


  20. Oh, I’m back, and now I can say I know a tv star. You were wonderful, so smart, so well spoken, knew your subject. You are ready for national tv now, they will be knocking or calling you soon. So proud of you Alycia!!


  21. Wow, I’m so impressed! You were awesome!! You go girl!! Love that your beautiful work is recognized, you deserve it. That buffet table is awesome with those branches and the moss. I liked how you could change the bling to stones (personally I like the bling). But darn, sorry about the fall, that black ice gets me every time. So glad you didn’t break anything. Oh, and by the way, you look amazing. Now I’m heading to look at the first segment.


  22. You are so professional and calm on television, Alycia, and you look gorgeous! Your table was so pretty–love the manzanita trees and the orchid flowers and the moss underneath–such a striking centerpiece. I’m sorry to hear you fell and scraped things up that are better left unscraped–I hope you feel better soon! So nice to hear from you–coincidence or conspiracy, no kidding in terms of my computer 🙂 Your comments always make me smile, and I hope you have a wonderful week!


  23. Congratulations on your television feature! That is so exciting. Even more exciting that they loved you enough to invite you back! So sorry about your fall. Hope you’re feeling better!!


  24. First of all, I hope you are better and not suffering anymore from your fall!
    It was so much fun to watch!! The fact they invited you back a second time speaks volumes. People must like it!!
    You did a great job, and I hope 2013 leads to many new ventures for you dear girl!


  25. Hi Alycia! We’ve been out of town, but I followed the link and watched your clip but didn’t have a chance to leave a comment! I’m so WOWED by you in front of the camera, you’re a natural! So sorry about your head, hand, and especially scuffed boot! Hope you’re recovered and enjoying your break 🙂


  26. At last, I found your link. It is in no. 15 🙂 it took me awhile. I saw a gorgeous lady giving smart tips and I love them.

    Hope you are in the best of everything and cope up on and hope nothing seriously damaged.

    Have a great pre-week end, Lady A! and relax.

    Greetings from a frozen Stockholm,
    /CC girl


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  28. OMGosh, Alycia! I don’t know how I missed this post. It’s hysterical and awful at the same time. How exciting to be a celebrity and your table is fabulous. Sorry you took a huge fall in the driveway. Poor thing.


  29. How’d I miss this one, Alycia??!! You are too funny, but I think you’re absolutely a doll! You were wonderful on your TV debut and I loved the socks and sneakers. Ouchie on the fall, poor baby!


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