Life Is A Cabaret – New Year’s Eve

This is my final post of 2012, hopefully just in time to provide a few ideas for your swingin’ New Year’s Eve celebration. I’m going to take a little time off over the next couple of weeks to enjoy my family and friends, get ready for tax season, prepare for my Spring tablescaping classes..and put away all the Christmas decor!!!

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IMG_0025WMMy goal was to create a room with the sophisticated glitz and glamour of New York cabarets and nightclubs of the 1920s, ’30s and ’40s. I wanted a room that, if you allowed yourself to focus, you could almost hear The Incomparable Hildegarde, see The Rat Pack commanding all eyes with their boyish antics, feel the pulsing of the floor as the band plays, and taste the champagne as it overflows.

This is a tablescape for guys and dolls who appreciate a good time! So gentlemen, don your penguin suit (or your best Babalu-sleeved shirt) and Brylcreem. Ladies, slip into you sultry evening gown, lacy push-up bra, silky thigh high stockings, satin evening gloves, blood-red lipstick…and let’s party!!!

Table lengthwise & mulitple place setting collage

Single place settingWMTo achieve the swanky look I wanted, I started with a starched white full-length table linen. The chargers are mirrored rounds that reflect a lot of light. The Easterling “Majestic” china with its platinum rims always reminds me of a stylish gray morning suit. (Think David Beckham’s cravat and trousers at the recent royal wedding. Mmmmmm….David Beckham………………………….Ahem! Sorry. Zoned out for a second there! :-))

Flatware-Rim Shot collageThe J.A. Henckels “Bellaserra” flatware, while sleek and contemporary in its styling, works well with the place settings.

Napkin & Menu collageI created the menus on our home computer using a shimmery dark gray card stock for the backing. A simple silver brad on top and bottom reminds me of the buttons on a tuxedo shirt or snappy cuff links. (Uh oh, here come those thoughts of David Beckham again!!! ;-)) The white cotton napkin is starched to within an inch of its life, gently rolled inward from each end, and tucked neatly in an unconventional spot between the plate and charger.

Stemware collageGodinger “Chelsea” crystal stemware gleams on the table.

IMG_9879WMA sleek silver dinner bell rests at the hostess’s place setting at the head of the table.


Mirror ball collage

Feather boa & votive candle collageThe long, luxurious centerpiece was created using multi-level silver Revere candlesticks as pedestals. On top are large mirror balls resembling the Times Square ball dropped in New York City every New Year’s Eve. (With the mirror balls, this would also make a great “Dancing With the Stars” finale watch party tablescape!) Snaking its way through the mirror ball stands and mercury votive holders is a flirty white feather boa. (Elton John called. He wants his wardrobe back! :-)) Additional candlesticks guard each end of the centerpiece with 15″ white candles to lend height, drama, and more ambient light.



Buffet feathers & candle collageThe buffet behind the dining table is all aglow with more silver mercury glass votives and tall candlesticks. I wanted the buffet to be just as cool as the table, but complement it rather than compete. I filled 8″H mirrored bud vases with stark white goose feathers and biots. For added zing, I cut the individual “branches” of bling ornament sprays (seen whole in our Christmas tree HERE) and tucked them among the feathers. These arrangements remind me of the ostrich feather centerpieces used in swanky New York nightclubs like the Copacabana. (Uh oh…the Barry Manilow song just crept into my head and it’s NEVER gonna leave!!!)

Champagne Cart Collage

Feathers in champagne glasses collageThis is just a fun little touch on our vintage tea cart. Along with a bucket of fabulous pink champagne, a plate of caviar on toast points (because that’s how we roll on New Year’s Eve!), and the requisite noisemakers, are oversized champagne flutes filled with marabou feathers. I wanted to illuminate the feathers throughout. Problem was the LEDs that weighed no more than a good luck black-eyed pea wouldn’t hold up because the feathers were…let’s say it all together now…light as a feather!!! The lights sank to the bottom every time…but I still like the glowing effect. These would look great on the bar for a ritzy cocktail party or as table centerpieces!!!

China cabinet collageThe final touch is on the china cabinet where this beautiful crystal apéritif/digestif set (given to me by my Mom) is on display. The theme is continued here with a few strategically-placed (like a sexy cabaret dancer! ;-)) white ostrich feathers.

I thank you for spending a little time with me each week in 2012, and I wish you a safe and prosperous New Year. May 2013 bring you much love, joy and blessings!

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I will be joining The Tablescaper this Sunday for “Seasonal Sundays” where you can find all sorts of wonderful ideas for pepping up the season. Next week, as always, I’ll join Cuisine Kathleen for “Let’s Dish!” (anytime Wednesday after 6:00 p.m. CST) and Susan for “Tablescape Thursday” (anytime after 9:00 a.m., CST). I’m sure there will be lots and lots of fabulous New Year’s Eve tablescapes presented by my tablescaping colleagues around the world. You can also catch me over at



52 thoughts on “Life Is A Cabaret – New Year’s Eve

  1. Hey Alycia- this is really sharp! Love those mirrored balls- did someone say disco?? 🙂 nah actually what I thought of was the Times Square ball- those are a lot of fun! I’d love to attend a party decked out like this!
    Enjoy your time off- I’m doing the same.
    Have a Merry Christmas and best wishes for a bright and happy New Year!


  2. Hey, how about I just come to your house for NYE since you already have your table decorated and I don’t! One request, will you please take the feathers out of the glass before pouring my champagne? Hugs to you and Ramon and lots of wishes for merry days, all of them.


  3. Alycia~ I enjoy your commentary as much as your tables! I’d rather have David Beckham in my head than a Barry Manilow song 🙂 Wishing you & Ramon a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Looking forward to your creativity and more of your tables in 2013!


  4. Alycia, this one makes me think of Silver Bells…….your tables are always beautiful. Thank you for sharing you thoughtfulness and creativity. I look forward to visiting often in 2013. Happy Holidays……..Sarah


  5. Sophisticated Glitz! Spectacular. You have out done yourself. I hope you are really going to sit down and enjoy this table with friends as well as all the other gatherings with family because you deserve it! Dianne


  6. If the champagne bubbles don’t tickle your nose, those feathers will! 😀 I love the use of the candlelight, feathers and disco balls, (snow and ice). A great choice for NYE. Oh! And the horns on the beverage cart, I might just have to borrow that idea!! What? No Geoffrey to ring in the New Year?
    Merry Christmas, and may your New Year be filled with good health, prosperity, and many happy blessings!


  7. A Happy New Year indeed! I love your tribute and inspiration to the big band era and swanky nightclubs, and the word I would use to describe your room and table is Sexy! I love the disco balls and the Times Square reference, the feather boa is brilliant and the napkins look great like that! What happens when you ring that silver dinner bell? Not much would happen at my house!! Everything is so elegant and sophisticated. Have fun and I look forward to lots of fun next year!
    Merry & Happy


  8. Beautiful, guess I better get out my sequined evening gown to attend this cabaret. What fun this party is going to be. I love a little sophisticated giltz for New Year’s Eve. Turn on the music and get this party going. What a blast your guests will have. Happy New Year’s Alycia from my table to yours. I have loved spending the year looking at your tables and chatting with you.


  9. Oh, Alycia, this is all so swanky and sophisticated. I love it! I love the centerpiece; my first thought when I saw it was Times Square, New Years Eve. I like all the silver, crystal, and feathers. This definitely puts one in mind of a cabaret.

    I hope you and yours have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Enjoy your time off; we’ll look forward to your return to blogging.




  10. I want to tell you something I have thought for a long time, and I don’t know why I never said it. You are a really good writer, and I enjoy the way you tell the story as much as I do the gorgeous tables you design. Thank you so much for the pleasure you bring to the world of blogging! Happy New Year!


  11. I get so much inspiration from your tablescapes , I’m always so excited when I see a new post. What size mirror balls did you use in the Life is A Caberet tablescapes, it’s absolutely gorgeous. I wish I lived close enough to take your classes, I’m sure they are amazing. Thank you for sharing your creative talents.
    Happy New Year.


  12. You are so much fun Alycia, you not only take us where you want expressing it so beautifully, I always enjoy coming to see you my dear friend. I can’t believe this is the first NY Eve tablescape I’m looking at and it’s stunning with all the silver and silver Times Square balls!! You have everything for your unique and smart creations, to be in your gorgeous home would be in tablescaping heaven!! Have a wonderful Christmas along with Ramon and all your dear family.
    Luv ya,


  13. Beautifuly done Alycia. The mirrored balls are a perfect additionfran elgance and glitzy event. Silver is such an awesome color for New Years.
    The white feathers create such fun and glamour. You have such a knack for creations. The story is so much fun.
    I’m with you. I need a break as well. We have been partying non stop for days. Enjoy your time off and have fun with Ramon and your family.
    Meery Christmas and happy New Year.
    Cheers, Linda


  14. We’re currently driving through a snow storm from Dallas to home. Spent the night with our grandsons and shared their Santa tree this morning. Trying to get home for Honey Bee’s first Christmas at our house. Sweet Mister is a great driver. We’ll make it. Great New Year’s table. Love the blue and silver. Merry Christmas! Cherry Kay


  15. Ooh I just love those mirror balls, especially with Elton John’s boa woven throughout!! The balls almost have an aqua color to them in the pics. You never fail to impress me with your creativity and sense of flirty fun!!
    p.s. maybe Elton will show up and entertain the party!!


  16. Thank you Alycia to stop by and for your big queries and cute comments i love to answer all that you wanted to know about our food ,i really have to write a detailed note for you little later in the week.hope you had a great Xmas celebration and my advance wishes for the New Year.your table with silver and glassy touch is so are such a creator your buffet behind the dining table….Love..sujatha


  17. Well first of all, you can have your David Beckham. When I think of a gray morning suit, I think of my own prince standing at the other end of the aisle at our morning wedding.

    Now, I’m distracted…

    But seriously, this table is just wonderful! I love the mirrored chargers. Mine are kind of matte, and I would love more reflection. Yours make me want to party!!


  18. Dearest Alycia,
    Hope you had a dazzling Christmas.
    The tablescape is stunning as always. Love that silver and glassy magic…beautiful! You are so talented my dear friend! Thanks for sharing.

    Nowadays I’m not very frequent on blogland though somehow managed to put up a couple of posts on my little blog. Leaving for Hong Kong in a few days …yes, it is vacation time.

    A Very Happy New Year to you and yours!
    Greetings from Singapore~ Sanghamitra


  19. Gorgeous! I’d love to join that party…I’m going to go slip into my sultry evening gown right now. Oh wait..those don’t fit after 3 kids in 4 years! Thank you for sharing your inspiring table. My favorite part is the combo of mirrored balls and white feathers! Love it. Enjoy your time off and rest up, Alycia!


  20. Alycia, Thank you so much for the very nice comment for your neighbor on TT. I just wanted to say that your tablescape is breath taking! I just love the mirrored balls on the candle sticks. The way they reflect the little squares of light onto the table…just beautiful! You will have quite the elegant party, so much fun! Thanks again for stopping by!
    And Happy New Year!


  21. This table is gorgeous! And you made me smile thinking about David Beckham. He is such a cutie! I like how you folded the napkin and placed it in front. It showed me yet another option of what to do with the napkin when you don’t want to use a napkin ring. Love the white feathers! Ever since I used the pheasant feathers at Thanksgiving, I want to go around filling the house with feathers! So fun! I hope you have a wonderful New Year’s Eve, Alycia! Many blessings for you and Ramon for the coming year!


  22. This is just pretty darn cool. Not only do I absolutely love the feathers, those “disco” balls on the candlesticks are a fantastic idea! Yes, I’m hearing the music and feeling the vibe!! The tea cart–which I dearly love–is amazing and you achieved your goal with the buffet, definitely complementing rather than competing!! The entire “glow” makes me want to slip on a pair of stilettos and light a very long cigarette (even though I don’t smoke lol) Gorgeous!


  23. What a gorgeous tablescape, Alycia–I feel like I am in the heart of little old New York back in the heyday of cabaret!! I love every bit of the glamour and elegance that your setting provides–it’s just perfect with all the beautiful touches of silver. And yeah, can anyone say Y2K–so much hype, and so little to show for it:) Glad that you are taking some time off–enjoy it, always nice to hear from you over at my blog, and very Happy New Year!!


  24. Hi Alycia,
    Certainly a pefect New Years table. Beautiful and elegant.
    and how are you?? Hope you have a lovely christmas hon,
    blessings for a Wonderful and Joyous New Year,


  25. I love the location of the napkins! Great idea!!

    I love the boa touch! Although, i have a crazy desire to remove it from the table and wear it and that’s before any champagne!

    Another smashing table, Alycia! The china is gorgeous and the mirror balls are just perfect.

    Wishing you and your family a grand and joyful 2013!


  26. Beautiful, Alycia, and I enjoyed your commentary as much as the tablescape! Looks like a wonderful NY celebration. Enjoy your time off. I’ll be looking forward to your first tablescape of 2013. laurie


  27. So beautiful and sparkly – love the mirror balls on the candlesticks – great idea for a centerpiece! I will have to try to find some of these because I can imagine using them quite often – even on the 4th of July!! Happy new Year!


  28. I love the Roaring Twenties and the forties what a great New Year’s Eve theme. The tablescape and the atmosphere really puts you in the party mood. May you and yours be blessed with a prosperous and happy NewYear!


  29. What a way to greet the new year! I love all the sparkles! The mirrorred balls are stunning. Love the table on candlelight too. Very elegant and sophisticated. Happy new Year, Alycia. I feed my mom oatmeal every morning and she like bananas….Christine


  30. Hi Alycia…here i am to answer all your questions about our Indian food.India is a vast sub continent so the climate,produce and culinary traditions vary from north to south and from east to west.Northern cuisine features nuts,yogurt and ghee (clarified butter)while chillies are characteristic of southern dishes.(i am from south India)fish and hotly spiced dishes are typical of eastern India and the west of India has incorporated many foreign culinary influence in its cuisine.mostly you will find dishes which celebrate the authentic taste.
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