Love & Orchids – Revisited for the 2013 Wedding Season


I first posted this tablescape way back in September of 2010 when I first began blogging. It has been tucked deep within the “Wedding” page of my blog, and not readily accessible. As we approach the 2013 wedding season, I thought it might be a good idea to breathe a little new life into it as the decor is as current now as it was then. My hope is that this will be helpful to those planning a wedding, a special birthday, or any other event that calls for a polished, pretty look with a shot of brilliant color. Please pardon the less-than-great photography. I was just starting out! 🙂
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This engagement dinner party tablescape incorporates two of my favorite design elements: crisp white linens & dishware and fresh orchids!!! The color scheme is intentionally almost all white in an attempt to coax the brilliant fuchsia color of the orchids out a bit more.
I love these 13″ silver chargers that are a full inch bigger than the standard size! The china is from my sister’s wedding collection, Noritake‘s “Whitebrook” design. The flatware is perhaps the favorite of my formal sets: International Silver’s “Royal Danish” sterling flatware.
The menus snatched a bit of the orchid color to break up the flatness of the mostly white tablescape. Each menu item had an ingredient that is associated with love and fidelity. Guests were treated to a one-liner history lesson on the meaning of each. (This one about fertility rites was proffered by the anxious-to-be-a-grandmother-already mother of the groom! I laughed the whole time I was typing it up!!) The opposite side of the folded menu had fun trivia about the couple’s childhood experiences and courtship.
White cotton napkins are folded into a prim little square and placed atop the bread plate with a tiny floral embellishment that brings the color from the floral arrangements down closer to the table.
These fabulous orchids were generously provided by my friend, Craig Sole, of Craig Sole Designs in Overland Park, Kan. The great thing about orchids is that, with proper care, they can last for days on end!
The 31″H clear glass cylinders (Marshalls) are anchored with acrylic “ice chips”, and the orchids are partially submerged. The 12″H cylinders are just a bit different sans ice chips and with just a bit of the flower stem peeking above the rim.
Lots of votive candles add shimmer to the table. I used silver floating candles from Pier 1that I bought nearly 15 years ago (!!!) but never had occasion to use until now. I knew they’d come in handy some day!
IMG_3293WMThese short, squatty glass cylinders were perfect for bringing color closer to the tabletop. The nearby votives illuminate the “ice chips” and water in which the orchids rest.
The sun set just around 7:20, which was perfect for the guests’  7:30 arrival!
This tablescape would work well for any wedding-related event (shower, engagement party, rehearsal dinner, reception), a special birthday, an anniversary dinner, and even to celebrate breast cancer awareness.

29 thoughts on “Love & Orchids – Revisited for the 2013 Wedding Season

  1. I remember this well. I was awestruck then and still am. The drama coming from the cylinders is awesome. Totally love how elegant this feels. Thanks for sharing it again!!! You are putting a book together, right? xo marlis


  2. I wasn’t blogging then so I am glad that you posted this again. What a beauty, the orchids are just stunning and I love the little bud at each place setting. I also really like the charger and the orchid touch on the menu. Just a stunning job as always!



  3. You are the hardest working woman in tablescapes. Even though this is an older post it just shows that you’ve been a busy, busy worker bee for a long time. You are a pro my dear!!!


  4. This is one I haven’t seen and that’s a crime b/c it’s really worth seeing. I love when you create tables outside. The orchids are beautiful and the pink is just intensified from the color in the sunset. Any bride would love this! Dianne


  5. Just stunning, my friend! And just in time for wedding season indeed! LOL My daughter and her planner have the wedding itself all taken care of, but I’m so excited to check out more of your wedding themed scapes for shower ideas. I might just do it outside if I can trust the weather man’s prediction far enough ahead. Thank you for pulling this gorgeous post out of the archives! XOXO

    PS Did you get my last email?


  6. So elegant and easy to do..this is a timeless way to set a wedding table. Love It! It was also the inspiration for my daughters wedding…didn’t know that did ya? well it was ! I used different height cylinders with floating candles, silk flowers and (of course) purple colored water…which the wedding coordinator at Dallas Cowboys Country Club looked at me like I had 2 heads but later admitted she loved it because I used kool aid to color the water….LOL I even gave her a marked pitcher that showed her how much water & how much kool aid so the kool aid was the same color on every table….OCD? Uhh kinda! Love those orchids…You did a great job!


  7. Stunning table Alycia, the orchids are outstanding! Even though they are tall, the cylinders with the airy orchids do not block the view, and everything reflects off the glass, silver and candlelight. What a beautiful and romantic setting for a lovely wedding dinner. The menu sounds so fun, I wish I had it in hand to read. What a lucky couple!


  8. Post the same table as many times as you want. I will always be awed by your attention to detail and the way you put things together. Orchids make me think of Bangkok where they are profuse and cut stems lay atop each other in huge plastic bags in the market. You would have gone crazy with such access or should I say excess!


  9. Stunning and elegant. I adore orchids. I remember your post and was impressed then as now. You have the gift, Alycia. I love your creative menus and admire your computer skills doing them. Adds that extra spark to your ambience.


  10. Simply elegant. I love the various cylinders with the orchids and the sweet touch of the napkin folded on the bread plate with a ‘personal’ orchid. I agree…it’s as perfect today as much as it when you first created it.

    I was thinking that a change of color and it would be a completely different look. Can you tell me what the ‘in’ colors are for wedding this year?


  11. Oh Alycia that is such a romantic table! I’m so glad you re-posted it, as I had never seen it. I adore those tall cylinders and then with the candlelight all aglow, love is certainly in the air!


  12. Perfection! I love your tall vases… your signature. Who doesn’t love orchids, I know I love them. This is an elegant presentation for the bride who want classic elegance for her special day.


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  14. It is simply stunning….love the wonderful orchids, they are so beautiful and I love the sight line of the table…I would love to come over and see it all…love the pictures so muchc….Phyllis


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