Christmas Through the Red Door

Welcome back! I’m so glad to be back to doing what I love, now with substantially less pain than ever! In the coming weeks, I am excited to be able to post 6 different Christmas tables  that will feature ideas for kids, adults, and even one very “guy-specific.” Today’s table, my first post since bouncing out of here in July for shoulder surgery (which was a grand success…thanks for all your wonderful well wishes!), takes you through our newly-painted front door all ready for the holidays. I have always wanted a white Colonial-style house with classic black shutters and an iconic, welcoming, shiny apple-red door (think Elizabeth Arden or Talbot’s!), and just in time for the holidays I invite you to come on in!
(To see photo detailing close up, click & then click again.)

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One: Christmas Through the Red Door - adorned gift box

INSPIRATION: Red & gold decorated metal Christmas box from Pier 1

Tablescapes at Table Twenty- One: Front door wreath & library Christmas table in red & goldThis table in our library was created for a one-night only tablescaping class I conducted in October through MCC-Longview. (Setting up for that class completely wiped me out since I wasn’t quite healed. It took a month to get my wind back!)

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One:L Christmas Through the Red Door - full table

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One: Christmas Through the Red Door - Tabletop in red & goldThis 48″ round table for 4 could be easily recreated with a larger table – round, oblong or square – to accommodate more guests.

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One: Christmas Through the Red Door - Red & gold place settingI wanted the place settings for this table to represent the ultimate in elegance for the holiday. Gold-leafed glass chargers are the foundation for the red & gold Royal Scotland china. The white centers of the china helps to break up the concentration of color on the table.

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One: Christmas Through the Red Door - adorned gift boxWhat nicer way to present a favor or holiday gift to guests than to personalize it and have it at their place setting? These particular boxes represent the level of flourish to consider to make the outside of each gift as special as what’s inside. Notice how the red diamond shape of the “wrapping paper” mimics the pattern in the tablecloth and cut crystal. (These permanent demonstration boxes were purchased around 2009 from Pier 1.)

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One: Christmas Through the Red Door - gold decorative birdI added an extra dimension to the top of the boxes in the form of this pretty clip-on gold beaded bird. Something similar to this makes the presentation a bit more special, ties into the centerpiece, and doubles as a nice take-home favor for guests.

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One: Christmas Through the Red Door - flatware/rim shotGold-colored flatware borrowed from my Mom is complemented with a gorgeous crystal-handled steak knife from Fifth Avenue Crystal.

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One: Christmas Through the Red Door - stemwareCristal d’Arques “Longchamps” stemware adds lots of reflective quality to the table and complements the design of the tablecloth.

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One: Christmas Through the Red Door - napkin drop, gold pintuck tableclothThe scarlet red organza napkins (Pier 1) strike a brilliant pose against the muted gold pintuck tablecloth from Your Chair I like to use linens with a little extra something-something going on during the holidays! (If you prefer a layered look, a solid satin or solid poly full-length tablecloth can be topped with a pintuck overlay or runner. It’s a really cost-effective way of glitzing up a table! You can find a great selection of pintuck runners and overlays as well as basic linens and chair covers at great low prices at my favorite “go-to” place,! Order now for quick, carefree delivery in time for all your holiday decorating!!!)

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One: Christmas Through the Red Door - Crystal centerpiece

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One: Christmas Through the Red Door - Centerpiece collage detail, I

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One: Christmas Through the Red Door- Centerpiece collage detail, IIIf you’ve ever visited this blog in the past, you know I heartily subscribe to the “go-big-or-go-home” theory when it comes to decorating. We tested this crystal epergne out for visibility across the table before I decided on it. The cut of the crystal mimics the design of the tablecloth and the cut of the stemware. A melange of shiny, muted and glittered red balls bring color to the top of the table. A single gold bird perched on the side carries the theme up from the place settings. The crystal, of course, just makes a huge statement during the holidays!

I am so, so happy to be back at the computer to share with you! For more Christmas & holiday tables on this site:
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I’m so pleased to re-join Cuisine Kathleen for her weekly party “Let’s Dish!” and Susan for Tablescape Thursday this week! Please hop on over to these ladies’ blogs to check out the many talents of tablescapers from around the world!

67 thoughts on “Christmas Through the Red Door

  1. So beautiful and elegant and festive, Alycia. Welcome back to the tablescaping world! I am so glad you have less pain now, hope it’s all gone. I just got back from Europe and am so tired but your holiday table is inspiring me to create one soon….Christine


  2. SO glad to see you back doing what you love!!! This table is gorgeous and I am drooling over all the details. Love the gold tablecloth and the flatware (really want those crystal knives!!!), but that epergne made my heart beat faster! WOW! Prayers for your continued improvement sweet lady!


  3. What a lovely table, Alycia. Quite elegant yet still intimate and inviting. I’m so happy you’re feeling better, and I look forward to seeing all your Christmas tablescapes.


  4. HEEEEYYYYYYYY girlfriend!!! I am so glad to see you back! and glad to hear your surgery was a success…You have surely been missed..Your table is so beautiful and welcome, welcome back..
    Love, Moa


  5. Yay you’re back! Love the pretty red front door! Your table is elegant and I love those boxes. The centerpiece is beautiful- love how you created such a different way to use the epergne. So glad you’re feeling better and back in the groove!


  6. Way to come back with an elegant flourish Alycia! I hope you know how much you have been missed. This is quintessential Christmas and I love,love,love the crystal handled knives! Please don’t overdo it.


  7. So beautiful Alycia. Welcome back to blogging. I know your ordeal was pain ful and took time to heal. It’s great to see you posting your gorgeous tables. love the Gold and red…so rich. The crystal completes it. No details left out. Here’s to pain free and healthy living.


  8. Yippppeeeee!! You’re back! And just in time to inspire us for Christmas! So happy to see you live in Blogland again!! 🙂 The table is absolutely beautiful…gold and red…doesn’t get any better than that! The glass chargers? Love, love, love! Noticed the crystal knives right away–very, very cool. And the epergne is the perfect centerpiece. Welcome back, Alycia!!


  9. Alycia! Welcome back! I’ve missed your beautiful tablescapes and your beautiful personality brightening our days! I’m so glad you are going to be sharing several tables before Christmas – can’t wait to see your great ideas. This table you posted today is stunning! I love the pin-tuck table cloth, and you’re right that we should get cloths with a little extra touch. I’ve already visited the site through your link. Our church needed some napkins, and the rental place wanted $70 to rent 120 napkins! Are they crazy? We’ve decided to purchase them in three colors to use throughout the year for our women’s ministry events. Thank you for sharing your source! Your glitzy packages on the place settings are so festive and beautiful – you set the mood for Christmas perfectly. You set my mood today, too, with your return to blogland. I’m skipping, I’m skipping… 🙂


  10. Woohoo! SO glad you are back! I hope you are feeling great after all your forced inactivity. This table is SO elegant! Guests would immediately think, “Wow, this is a really special evening!”


  11. Alycia! So glad you are feeling better and back at it! I am so in love with your pocket watch wall clock–I want a smallish one for my home office, so am on the lookout 🙂 And now I am totally lusting after those crystal-handled steak knives–how beautiful are they, with your gorgeous stemware?


  12. Yay!!! My She-ro is back. All is right in my world now :-). This table is really gorgeous. I am glad you are feeling better and actually took the time to rest. Love ya- Eb


  13. Do you have any idea how happy I am that you are baaaaack??? Your table is stunning, as always. The gold and red together make such a statement and I would love to find that pretty package sitting on my dinner plate! The epergne is gorgeous and is perfect, as your centerpiece. Cannot wait to see your other tables!!


  14. Welcome back Alycia, just in time for the holidays! Glad you are almost pain free but sorry you have another surgery to go. Beautiful table and inspiring as always! I adore the packages at each place setting, complete with bird ornament! Your red front door and monogram with wreath makes a smashing entrance!


  15. Oh Alycia, I’m so happy to see you back and once again posting your gorgeous table creations. I’m so glad the surgery was a success! You came back with a bang! This is such a stunning table (also love your new red door). That tablecloth is beautiful, and I love the red border on the china. But all of that gleaming crystal just takes my breath. That epergne is soooo gorgeous, and I love the way you piled the pretty red ornaments in the bowl with one gold Christmas tree. The steak knives are incredible and add another beautiful crystal element. If I didn’t know what you can create, I’d say you wouldn’t be able to top this one. But, knowing you, you will! laurie


  16. It’s so wonderful to see you back, and to hear that your pain has decreased!! Red door = good Feng shui. And I love the monogram on the wreath. The table is gorgeous! Glam & Glitter!!


  17. Hi lovely lady.
    What a Beautiful Tablescape, Alycia. Quite elegant yet still intimate and inviting. I’m so happy you’re feeling better, and I look forward to seeing all your Christmas tablescapes! Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my new post for the guys.


  18. So, finally you have made it back!! The world of tablescaping has certainly kicked up a notch… glad you are here to share your wonderful ideas and look forward to seeing some Christmas inspiration from you!!


  19. As usual your creative self has created a beautiful table!! I needed this….you have given me the warmth of Christmas and now I’m looking forward to the holiday! I need to get my little tushie in gear and plan my tables!! I hope your Thanksgiving is filled with family and friends and some really good food. Enjoy!!


  20. Hi Alycia!

    It’s so good to see you back on your blog and creating tablescapes again! This one is just gorgeous — so very elegant. I love the combination of red and gold!! The tablecloth is beautiful and so are those Royal Scotland dishes. Oh, I can tell I’m starting to get dish fever again. 😀

    Those demonstration gift boxes are wonderful — what a great idea! The addition of the clip-on birds is perfect. I love Christmas tablescapes almost better than any others, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all this sparkling elegance. As usual, you’ve hit a home run, Alycia.

    Welcome back and have a great week!!



  21. She’s BAAAaaaakkkk! How lovely to see you posting again, Alycia! I’m so relieved to hear you are feeling well & up to your old ‘tricks’. GORGEOUS tricks they are, too.
    I could just lift this entire table & carry it by hand all the way to Ohio…I would LOVE to have every inch of it here.

    Welcome back, Honey!!!!


  22. Oh my, you have officially returned with a big ole bang girl! This table is beautiful. Like you told me a long time ago about something on one of my tables, “don’t be surprised if that candelabra is “borrowed” to TN for while”. It is stunning, gorgeous, and perfect on this table. I am just so very happy to see you back, but even better, without pain. Dianne


  23. I found it! Absolutely gorgeous! The red and gold is so regal! I really enjoyed taking a peek at your lovely home too! Let’s see more!!

    So glad you are back to ‘scaping – good for what ails ya, huh?

    Happy Thanksgiving!



  24. Welcome back, Alycia…you have been missed! Your table is simple but very elegant. Am anxious to see the other 5 Christmas tables…this one is going to be hard to beat.
    Have a wonderful week.


  25. What a relieve knowing your pain is decreasing. I am missing your settings. The inspirations and the beautiful smile.
    Welcome back. You know that I always love your work, the art of creating the beautiful ambiance.

    Hope you have a nice day and have a great weekend ahead.

    Hugs lots,
    /CC girl


  26. It was great to open my email this morning and find you there. Without your inspiration and attention to detail, tablescapes have not been the same. It’s good to have your creativity at work again meaning that you are doing well. Hooray!


  27. Well, you came back with a BANG! Glad to hear that you are feeling so much better! This tablescape is absolutely stunning! Everything is so elegant and opulent; and still festive for the season. BEAUTIFUL!!


  28. Welcome back, welcome back dear Alycia…and you certainly came back with a fireworks with that spectacular table…I am so happy that you are feeling better to present us with your magnificent tables…and I am loving the new red door!….Can’t say enough welcome backs!!!! yay!!


  29. Welcome back my dear sweet upstairs neighbor! So glad you are feeling better, recovering so well, and yes, it certainly shows! I am in love with this elegant tablescape. It is gorgeous. I love the glow of candlelight and crystal. I had to do a double take to see what the crystal knives were for. Duh! I feel so dense. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a place setting complete with steak knives and yours are certainly the most elegant I’ve ever seen. The burgandy and gold is so pretty!


  30. I have missed you. It was so good to see a post from you. I hope you are feeling much better. Bless your heart you have had so much going on.

    I love your sparkly elegant table. The red and gold are stunning and so sophisticated with sparkle and shine. All the crystal accents are SO LOVELY! Of course, your linens, china and silverware are gorgeous as well as the beautiful packages.

    So glad you are back up!


  31. Welcome back!!!!!! (I generally hate the multiple exclamation point thing and think it’s childish, but I feel just giddy after seeing that there was a post from you. I have completely missed your inspiration.

    I love this one and want to pin it for a hundred different reasons. I like red and gold for my dining room at Christmas, and this is just gorgeous. .


  32. Have to fess up that I just pinned this to my secret board for now. I don’t want my luncheon club ladies to steal your ideas before I do. I promise to put it out for public pinterest consumption after. LOL Shhh.


  33. I’m so glad to see you back. I’ve missed you. Your table is so elegant with the pin tucked table cloth, and the “gift” boxes really set the tone of the table. Gorgeous!


  34. First and foremost, WELCOME BACK. I adore the crystal-handled steak knife from Fifth Avenue Crystal. I’m going to do a Google search to see if I should add some to my crystal collection. I like the red and gold, and that centerpiece is stunning. Missed you ;o) xo


  35. Beautiful Alycia, you are back better than ever! I love the stunning packages from Pier 1! Red and gold seems to be trending this year, and I love peeking at your table from your newly painted red door! I would be so tempted to take a steak knife as my party favor! Gorgeous!


  36. So glad you are back! Your table is over the top beautiful, rich jewel colors.
    My front door is red too. It took a lot of courage for me! I did the side door first to see if I liked it. Great for Cmas and July 4th. Easter, not so much!


  37. How are you My dear Alycia?Happy to see your posting.I too was away for few days and i am back now.Hope you have recovered completely and enjoying every bit.Welcome back.Love your beautiful creation and it’s stunning.Gold and red great combo…..Hope you had a great week….Love sujatha…:):)


  38. Welcome Back!
    Girl, and you do know how to walk through the (B)Right Door!!!!!!
    I’m in love with that tablecloth. And everything else… I’m already fretting (you know me ;)) over the decorations, theme, colors… but do I stay away from the flood of inspirations? Nope. So glad to have you also to help 😛


  39. Hi there. A wealth of well wishes for you and family this holiday season and many to come. So glad you are back. Hope you feel better and stronger each day. Well, I’m taking hold of your inspiration and teachings and tried my hand at it. So far I did my breakfast nook in bright red, royal blue and sunny yellow Chickens and Hens. Turned out really cute. However, I do have a question for my holiday table. I love the natural wood of my dining table so I do not want to use a tablecloth. I did use placemats and chargers, but now I feel the placemats are not large enough for the stemware and flatware to fit on. Would it be odd to have these items off of the placemat? I study your designs and your tablecloths are beautiful. Any advise I would love! Thank you Take care. Lin


  40. So happy to see you back in action for the Christmas, wow 6 upcoming posts. You must feel fantastic, or taking lots of good meds!! You table is so festive and inspiring, love the red boxes, the stemware, the flatware, I just can’t say enough.


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  42. Hello my dear! I’m so glad you are feeling well enough to post again and right in time to give us all so beautiful inspiration. Your house looks lovely. I need some gold flatware in my life! Your tables settings are always gorgeous.


  43. Hey there Alycia, so glad to hear you are feeling better.. many more wishes for a speedy recovery. As always you have created an extraordinary tablescape. I can only imagine your storage.. you’ve made me want revisit my gold flatware (which hasn’t been used since God knows..


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