Midsummer Shabby Chic Apple Tablescape

INSPIRATION: The red & white damask side of a reversible quilted throw from Tuesday Morning.

INSPIRATION: The red & white damask side of a reversible quilted throw.

Here in the Midwest it’s hotter than a firecracker already! We’re enduring scorching sun rays and humidity that’s sure to make your hair droop. The winds have been on the high side, too, which makes it very difficult to tablescape outdoors. My solution: create a tablescape using a heavier quilted topper that won’t so easily blow across the prairie. 🙂
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Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, www.tabletwentyone.wordpress.com, Midsummer Shabby Chic Apple Tablescape: Full tableThis table for 4 on a 48″ round table starts with a 108″ round white tablecloth from LinenTablecloth.com. It is topped with a pretty red & white damask quilted throw from Tuesday Morning. The reversible topper is red & white striped on the other side which makes it a great choice for 4th of July and other patriotic tablescapes.


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, www.tabletwentyone.wordpress.com, Midsummer Shabby Chic Apple Tablescape: Place settingThis part table could come into service as a breakfast, brunch, or luncheon setting. The casual nature of the quilted throw and centerpiece items is easily coupled with the more formal china and silver at each place setting. The simplicity of Noritake “Spectrum” china makes it a good choice to work well with the bold design and strong colors of the topper.


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, www.tabletwentyone.wordpress.com, Midsummer Shabby Chic Apple Tablescape: white cotton hemstitched napkin with red & silver napkin ringEach place setting has a simply folded white cotton hemstitched napkin cinched with a silver-rimmed red metal napkin ring from Bed, Bath & Beyond.


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, www.tabletwentyone.wordpress.com, Midsummer Shabby Chic Apple Tablescape: red martini glass from Pier 1 used for fruit compoteFor the fruit compote before the meal or dessert after, this graceful red martini glass from Pier 1 fits the bill. This style was chosen because the ball at the top of the stem mimics that in the water glass and the glass orb in the centerpiece. (Quick story about Pier 1…Ramon & I were in the store closest to our home last week buying a few clearance sale items. The young woman who checked us out asked, “Are you the Alycia Nichols who has the tablescape blog?” You can only imagine that my mouth hit the floor with that, but then she said to Ramon, “And are you Dr. Nichols?” You could have blown us over with a feather! It was nice to be recognized, especially by an employee of a store from which I buy a lot of items to use in my tablescapes! She told us that her Mom turned her onto my blog and that she’s also a Pinterest follower. So a shout out to Nikki at Pier 1 in Lee’s Summit, MO, and her Mom, Jan!)


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, www.tabletwentyone.wordpress.com, Midsummer Shabby Chic Apple Tablescape: water glassA simple clear drinking glass complements the setting. Notice the ball in the stem that works so well with the one in the martini glass.


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, www.tabletwentyone.wordpress.com, Midsummer Shabby Chic Apple Tablescape: flatwareI used flatware with a design that complements that of the topper.


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, www.tabletwentyone.wordpress.com, Midsummer Shabby Chic Apple Tablescape: coffee cup & saucerTo add to the casual air of the table, the coffee cup, saucer and spoon are pre-set with a little cookie.


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, www.tabletwentyone.wordpress.com, Midsummer Shabby Chic Apple Tablescape: full centerpiece


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, www.tabletwentyone.wordpress.com, Midsummer Shabby Chic Apple Tablescape: Centerpiece collageNotice how the centerpiece is pushed off to one side of the table. This allows for greater ease in conversation across the smallish table. The galvanized oversized pitcher is whitewashed for a kind of country appeal and filled with apple tree branches. (I used faux here, but by all means if you have the real thing…go for it!!!) A simple white wicker basket is filled with a bounty of apples. (Add a few flags to the table and serve all-American apple pie for dessert, and this instantaneously becomes an overtly patriotic brunch tablescape for the 4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, or Flag Day!) The clear glass orb atop a white wooden pedestal works because of the coloring, the size and the shape.


Compared to last week’s post, this was a super mini!!! I hope you enjoyed it and that you were perhaps able to collect an idea or two for your next summer tablescape!


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I’ll be joining Christine at Rustic & Refined again on Monday for “Table It!“. I’ll also join Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for another edition of “Tablescape Thursday”. If you come along for the parties, you’re sure to find plenty of inspiration and help with planning your next tablescape!

43 thoughts on “Midsummer Shabby Chic Apple Tablescape

  1. I need that topper pronto, lady! It goes perfectly with my kitchen. I love the whole table. The big old pitcher is very nice, too. It is hot and sticky here, too. Of course, I am mostly staying in the AC near a fan. See, you are now a celebrity!


  2. Love it! This tablescape is very versatile, like you said! Even though you don’t show any chairs, for some reason I’m picturing a set of wrought iron. Don’t know why. I’m not a designer. Anyway, now that you have an “insider” working at one of your favorite places she’ll probably keep you informed on some fabulous bargains, Miss Celebrity!


  3. Mid-summer? Silly you, summer just arrived yesterday. Can you imagine what it will be in August!?! Very pretty table. This could totally work for the 4th. Love the apple theme! Myself, I like using small quilts on the tabletop for casual looks. Keep cool my friend!


  4. Very nice. I like that off center centerpiece idea. The quilt adds a lot of great depth to the table setting. Love it. We have warmed up a bit here in the PNW but nothing like your part of the world…


  5. Will send me your autograph please? I promise not to sell it on ebay. That topper is perfect and I like the no-chair look for this table. I can also see this as a Valentines Day tablescape.


  6. Alycia, of course you would be recognized! Whatever makes you think you could hide all this from anyone???
    I love the simple statement this table makes – clean and country fresh for a relaxing feel, with just enough city slicker goodness going on that you could lunch with the best of the ladies in town. 😉 Very nice how you coordinated the stemware and the flatware to the textile.


  7. In Atlanta, they talk about you in Bed Bath and Beyond, Homegoods, Pier One, AND Olde Time Pottery!!!!! And there you are, bragging about Ramone going SHOPPING with you, for goodnes sakes! You two are the cutest!


  8. Wow! You are a celebrity! Be sure to remember me when you walk the red carpet! LOL! Love the red and white ‘scape! I don’t have any bright reds (my reds are burgundy, fuschia, etc.) Love the bright reds!



  9. Love Nikki: that girl knows how famous ALYCIA NICHOLS will become! Move over Phyllis Hoffman and Carolyne Roehm! I love that quilt topper and the warm and inviting mood it sets for this table. I love the flowering apple branches in the tall pitcher and the big basket of apples. The gorgeous red of the linen embroidery is picked up perfectly in the red martini glasses and napkin rings. I want an invitation!!! I enjoyed reading how Ramon helps you with the procurement side of this business!


  10. Hi Alycia,
    I like the glassware with the ball stem. It has balanced lines and it looks like a glass that it would comfortable to hold at a table or standing up. I like glassware that I can use like a prop…do you know that I mean? One that looks good in a person’s hand and is attractive to drink from. The red and white quilt topper was a wise purchase. It’s uses are endless and with two sides! Patriotic, July birthstone, Christmas, New Years, Valentines, Beach…


  11. Wow what a perfect topper! Love that design and color it has. Pretty combination of china and stemware and the centerpiece arrangement looks looks fabulous! I love that story about your being recognized at Pier 1! What a fun moment!


  12. I always learn so much from you, Alycia! Wish I could learn your energy secret!

    Love the red and white quilted topper with the Noritake china. Your glassware choices are great, too. Thanks for the tips about adding flags etc for a patriotic theme.

    It is getting hot here with a lot of humidity!

    Love the Pier 1 story.


  13. Why were you surprised you were recognised? All that you do for everyone else, mentioning their stores, blogs etc…it was only a matter of time! Plus they remember the ones that keep coming back and spend (like I know you do!) over an hour in there…which is you and me both!

    Beautiful table. I am loving that red and white damask throw and those red napkin rings. I wish I could find table runners like that for something like that for less then what Ralph Lauren wants us to pay….lol


  14. Hi Alycia – First, the employee at Pier 1, next comes the paparazzi. OMG you are famous. That is soooo cool! I love the entire table, but I think my favorite piece are the red napkin rings. Love how they pop with the entire table. Hugs, Holly


  15. When you’re ready to write THE BOOK, I am putting my dibs in right now to be your first editor and reader. Alycia Nichols, my friend the very famous author and television personality! Gorgeous bright table — I love using quilts on my tables.


  16. Very pretty…so sorry it’s so darn hot. I guess we can’t win…too hot or too cold. The red does catch my fancy, especially the tablecloth. What a hoot about being recognized at Pier1. You go woman….


  17. First of all, what a great idea about using the heavier tablecloth/quilt so that the “prairie winds” do not whisk it away….so that is where that tablecloth on my roof came from!!!….Gorgeous table…I so love red and white….and kudos to Nikki at Pier One for recognizing you, the celebrity and the celebrity hubby!…Now how wide was Ramon’s smile???!!!…After seeing this table, I am on the lookout for a red and white quilt…it makes a stunning table!!!


  18. You can keep your heat, but I’ll take the red and white quilt! If our Tuesday Morning was still open at this hour, I honestly would be heading there to see if they have the quilt. Love the idea of using the quilt on the table! This is one of my favorite round tables Alycia. How cool that you were recognized at Pier One! We already know you are a celebrity!


  19. Ooh red is my favorite color, Alycia, and I’d love to be sitting at your pretty table!!! That quilted topper is gorgeous and yet casual. I love the centerpiece of to the side idea. Being recognized at Pier 1 is sooo cool! I loved that story. They should give you a huge discount, my friend!! xo


  20. This is so my style, Alycia! It’s funny. I’ve prepared a tablescape post this week using a quilted table cloth, too. I love the red and white. It is stunning!! The mixture of flowers and apples is perfect, too. 🙂


  21. What a great mix of formal and informal Alycia! Love the apple blossoms in the white washed pitcher [very cool!] and the apple decor mixed with the quilted table topper keeps everything from being too serious with the more formal china and of course it is lovely in the outdoor setting! Perfect for any summer meal~ we are dripping with heat and humidity down on the coast but do have the afternoon breeze and usually a thundershower to cool things down. Red and white is a classic summer palette~


  22. As I was decorating the very long table for the celebration of my Mom’s 90th birthday party I thought of you. 🙂


  23. Your table topper is a huge hit!! The stemware is a perfect match for it!! Great job. I can’t seem to get out to set a table because of all the rain we have been getting, I hope you have been able to find some shade to stay cool in!


  24. Oooh…did the topper come from Tuesday Morning recently? I hope so! Fantastic piece…using the heavier weight piece on a windy day is genius. I love that the girl at Pier 1 recognized you. Well earned recognition. Thanks for inviting us for a peek. Cherry Kay


  25. Your pretty table settings are always an inspiration, Alycia.
    This one , in red is so fresh and inviting, perfect for summer and the apple decor gives a beautiful touch.


  26. Love your tablescapes! I was initially inspired by your site (Table Twenty-One). I’m hooked and running out of storage space for my growing collection of dishware!


  27. See, I always knew you were a famous lady my friend and I am so honoured to know you!!! This table al fresco is so elegant and has so much class even though I’d say it’s simplicity makes it such. The table topper is gorgeous and it brings everything together! Loving the Apple decor! I also checked your amazing 4th. of July setting too!
    I haven’t being around much as I was away for Victoria’s birthday and sad about Alejandro’s best friend dying of a heart attack a week ago.
    Enjoy your weekend.


  28. You get it right every. single. time. I love the scale of the flowers in the pitcher. The apples in the basket remind me of a summer picnic and Little Red Riding Hood for some reason. So who gets to eat your food props? My kids raid mine!! LOL


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