Summer Luncheon for Two

INSPIRATION: Another quilt created by my friend & neighbor, Barbara.

INSPIRATION: Another quilt created by my friend & neighbor, Barbara. This table was easily assembled because everything on it pulls either color or pattern from this quilt!


The weather here in the Kansas City area continues to be a virtual sauna accompanied by strong, hot winds and occasional storms. To get out on the deck and create anything is next to impossible. As we go into this 4th of July weekend, though, I have a “dine-and-dash” luncheon (or breakfast…or brunch!) table for two that started with a little game of “I Spy” at my neighbors’ house. Barbara should know better by now than to let me in that front door! She lets me in, “I Spy” something cool (like this beautiful quilt!), I want it, and I’m outta there with it! 🙂
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Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Summer Luncheon for Two: Full tableIn windy weather like this, a quilt is just what’s needed if dining outdoors. It’s just heavy enough to stand up to those sudden gusts. This beautiful yellow and blue floral quilt is used as a topper over a buttery yellow cotton full-length tablecloth.


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Summer Luncheon for Two: Place setting


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Summer Luncheon for Two: Napkin & flatware collageClean white dishes prominently stand out against the meandering jumble of gingham checks, vines, and jumbo roses in the quilted topper. A bright yellow napkin is presented in the “Lotus” fold with a yellow rosebud with Dusty Miller leaves nestled in its center. I don’t often use this vintage silverware, but its mix of wildflowers and roses is a near perfect match to the design of the quilt.


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Summer Luncheon for Two: glassware & coffee cupBright blue glassware was almost a must. Notice the design on the coffee cup…how it mimics the pattern of the wildflowers and vines in the quilt. (For my tablescaping students and for those of you new to tablescaping, look for subtleties like this to bring subliminal cohesiveness to the tabletop.)


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Summer Luncheon for Two: centerpiece


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Summer Luncheon for Two: Yellow rose florals and bee pitcher


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Summer Luncheon for Two: White ceramic bird and shabby chic candlestick collageMuch like last week’s centerpiece, this one is placed off-center. This is a great option if (1) the elements of your centerpiece threaten to interfere with a clear visual line between those seated at the table, (2) your table is small or narrow, and/or (3) just for something a little different. Here, two olive green ceramic pitchers (chosen for how the color complements the green in the quilt) are filled with yellow and ivory roses along with tufts of Dusty Miller. An olive green distressed candlestick is topped with a white ceramic bird. (Students and newcomers to tablescaping, white birds are used here to tie in to the white dishes and break up the expanse of definitive color in the centerpiece.)


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Summer Luncheon for Two: white ceramic bird salt & pepper shakersIn this photo you get a better “bird’s eye view” of the meandering vines noted above. See how they capture the same flow as the pattern on the coffee cup and on the decorative bird? It’s a very subtle thing, but something that appeals to the subconscious when determining why elements work together. The bird salt & pepper shakers complement the decorative bird on the candlestick and play into that famous Rule of Three. (Students, I KNOW you remember the Rule of Three!!!!)


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,, Summer Luncheon for Two: wicker chairI played with a couple of looks before proclaiming these wicker chairs the perfect foil to the country chic quilt. (Keep in mind the tone or theme or feel of the look you want to achieve, and then choose your accessories accordingly.)

I know you all have much to do to prepare for the upcoming 4th of July weekend, so stick a fork in me…I’m done! 🙂 I’ll be back after the holiday weekend with something I think you’ll really like…at least I HOPE you will! Thanks for stopping by, and let’s be safe out there!

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I’m partying this week with Christine over at Rustic Refined for her 8th installment of “Table It!” (started Monday) and with Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for “Tablescape Thursday” (begins after 9:00 a.m., CDT on Thursday).


43 thoughts on “Summer Luncheon for Two

  1. This table serting is distracting me from the USA vs belgium world cup game Alycia! LOVE Barbara’s quilt. So beautiful. The colors take me back to Provence and the pattern is so lively and fresh. I love the wicker chairs. Perfect choice and the bird sculpture on the candle base and salt and pepper shakers. Your punch of cobalt blue is brings the table to life and makes the eye travel to the beautiful blue border in the quilt. The soft green pitchers are subtle but complimentary and lets the quilt shine. I hope you don’t have to give the quilt back!

  2. I am crazy about the delightful pitchers brimming with gorgeous yellow roses. What a pretty quilt with cheerful dishes and glasses. Love yellow and blue and green. Sweet birds that are perfect for this table. Impressive napkin fold that steals the show.

    Stay cool. We are feeling the heat too. Thankful for air-conditioning.

  3. Alycia, this is a beautiful table, it seems cooling to me with these lovely colors! Love how all the elements come together and compliment each other. LOVE the pitchers , wish I had some too. Stay COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Blue and yellow are always SO appealing to me! That quilt is gorgeous, and your table really shows it off! The pretty coffee cups and blue glassware add so much charm — love them both!

  5. Class is in session!!! I love that way you explain why and how all of the elements work together. When did you say your book is coming out?

  6. Wow…what a gorgeous quilt your neighbor/friend Barbara made!…oh my favorite colors!…and you made it even more beautiful by that fabulous dinner for two tablescape..following the lines of the quilt and the gorgeous colors…you created a work of art to go with the work of art of the quilt!!

  7. The quilt is beautiful Alycia, but I just couldn’t take my eyes off of your flowers in those gorgeous green pitchers! I loved your lotus napkin fold with the rose and the bright blue glassware. Even though it’s hot, your table looks cool and refreshing! I think centerpieces should be a little unexpected, such as your off center one, and I love to put surprises on candlesticks like your bird, to keep things interesting! How much fun to have a neighbor you can borrow from! Happy 4th!

  8. Yep, I would have grabbed that little beauty too! That quilt is just screaming, “Match me to some dishes!”, and of course, you did a wonderful job. I love the colors and the green pitchers are adorable. I hope the weather allows you to enjoy your creation. I would hate to see you running all over the yard trying to catch it all as it blows away! Dianne

  9. Stick a fork in me, I’m done, too. Now that the USA is out of World Cup I can start packing for England and double checking my lists! We will be in England for the 4th so all my flags will be tucked away before we fly off on Thursday. But I digress…I love blue and yellow and I love tablescapes with quilts. Nicely done, Alycia. Hope that latest storm hitting the east misses you or maybe just gives you some rain to up the water tables…

  10. Great table, Alycia. I love blue & yellow together, the wicker chairs, the surrounding greens of the trees…it all belies the fact that it’s pure summer sultry beyond that tablescape! Love all the nuances you’re able to work in. Please tell Barbara at least one reader (me!) loves her quilt work, pattern and fabric choices – so pretty! Have a great weekend, Alycia.

  11. Beautifully done Alycia! Love the yellow, blue and green colors in this Tablescape. How lucky you are to have a neighbor to find nice treasures like the quilt! You paired it so perfectly with the flatware, coffee cups, blue glasses and green pitchers! Love that cute napkin fold- such a perfect compliment to the theme of the table! I’m still doing the red, white and blue around here! Have a great 4th!

  12. Yellow, blue, & white remains my favorite color combination, and I love the introduction of the green. Did you have to take the quilt back after you were through with your tablescape? Rats! Thanks for inviting us for a peek. Cherry Kay Clifford

  13. First I have to pay homage to the beautiful quilt!! Oh my stars, she did a fantastic creation. Blended with your expertise on table settings makes this one beautiful setting. I would have never thought to use a quilt for a tablecloth.. you really surprise me

  14. Barbara’s quilt is gorgeous and makes the perfect base for this pretty table for two. You are inspiring me to set a table for two on the terrace. Looks like it will just be the two of us for the 4th. No big neighborhood party planned this year.

  15. Beautiful outdoor table for 2, Alycia. The quilt looks so pretty and you picked just the perfect dishes for it. I love the flatware too and your deck looks so relaxing….Christine

  16. Thanks for bringing light to how beautiful quilts can be as a table topper. I’m a quilter and truly love this setting. Another keeper in my notebook. It has all the elements I love. How did you fold the napkin? I took another read on “table tips” but did not find it. Thanks again.

  17. The cool soothing colors trick me and make me think that your temps are in the low 80’s! What a beautiful table for 2 Alycia. That quilt is gorgeous. I have always wanted someone in the family or a friend that just wanted to give me quilts – ha ha! No such luck and I don’t think I will be starting quilting so I will admire from afar!
    Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July!

  18. What a beautiful country chic table for two! I’ll be a guest, Alycia! The quilted table topper is soooo pretty for the look you want. The coffee mug with the vine does pick up the design in the quilt. My mom always taught me the rule of three, too, and I so love your off center arrangement. The wicker chairs look comfy and perfect for your table today. xo

  19. Practically perfect in every way!!! Seriously, I love it all- the blue and yellow with a touch of green! Wish I were sharing the luncheon with you!

  20. If it’s that hot why increase the temp with this gorgeous setting… are you trying to kill Ramon ;). So so lovely. Did you noticed that the detail on your white ceramic birds is the same of my Easter Rabbit?
    The quilt is way too precious and lovely and you’re right “It is in CHARGE!” of all the setting but somehow (I know how it’s YOU but it sounds good to say the somehow :D) doesn’t overwhelm but blend with all the details chosen (that’s how I know you’re the someone/somehow/somewhere ahahah)
    Thank you for sharing this delightful setting for two,

    BTW – I used the candle holders your way and you’re right they hold a tea light that way – so happy to have found out about the double function candle holders – thanks to you!

  21. Gorgeous table Alycia. Love the colors with yellow, blue and green together. The quilt is the showstopper. The roses and birds are so pretty. I could sit here for hours. The only thing missing is me, sitting here with you.

  22. The blue and yellow quilt is beautiful! Your neighbor should never let you peek inside her door. 🙂 I love the white dishes on the colorful quilt. It sort of gives your eye a brief break. You nailed it with the wicker chair decision. I love that – wish I had some wicker. Beautiful table!!! 🙂

  23. This charming table looks like Provence, France, to me. The quilt fabric, the green pottery and the blue (as the sea) glass. I think, my friend, that you are guiding me to bring out my 1940’s tablecloths, even though it will be a setting for one. Now I find myself looking at flowers when I go shopping. You are getting through to me! And, what a good influence! When reading through the comments, I see that lots of other readers are rethinking the bare-table top and moving more toward more gracious dining, whether alone or with the family. It is a ritual that has been lost in so many of our lives.

  24. Now you are just torturing me with another gorgeous quilt that I’d love to have! What a lovely spot for a romantic lunch! I’m actually working on a tablescape, Alycia. I’m having a small dinner party on the 4th, so I’ll probably post it afterwards, and I’ll be using those marvelous blue glasses, which I found thanks to you! It’s been fun to set a pretty table once again.

  25. Thank you dear Alycia for your lovely comment for my anniversary post.Glad you liked everything about it.Wow this table is so pretty with all the pretty things.The colour comb is good and i like the napkin fold.Nice to see you having awesome time with family.Love and hugs sujatha…:):)

  26. Hi Alycia – I love how you used the quilt for inspiration and I love the blue and yellow together. And because you are always one creative step ahead of me… my next table is planned for blue and yellow and then I see yours and sigh… no comparison my friend! I hope you and your family have a wonderful and happy 4th of July! Hugs, Holly

  27. Oh how charming! Isn’t that table pretty!! Love the lil’ tweets. They fit right in with being not only white, but out in nature. And now that the silly weather has changed, and you need that quilt top to cover up! But it’s now perfect for dining on the deck! 🙂

  28. Alycia,
    This is absoluetly an amazing Country Chic tablescape, dear friend!!!
    Love the floor length tablecloth with the quilt angeled on top!
    The flowers in those amazing green pitchers are my favorite feature!!!
    Summer Luncheon for Two ranks high on my favorite of the Season listing!!!

  29. Our weather seems to be too hot to eat outside – or too windy – or too chilly. I envy the people who live in areas where they can dine al fresco often! I like how you set the centerpiece to the side – great idea! The colors are so vibrant in this setting and I like how you connected the white dishes with the birds – very clever – and i will remember that idea! Happy 4th!

  30. Alycia, You’re speaking my love language with your beautiful borrowed quilt topper, vintage flatware and flowers tucked in your napkin fold! The weather here has been stormy and unpredictable too but should clear up today 🙂 Wishing you a safe and Happy Fourth!

  31. I wish you were my neighbor! You would be most welcome to borrow anything you see and show me how to use it Alycia style! I love the colors in the quilt, and it looks great with your beautiful floor length tablecloth. It was great talking to you the other day about the elusive red and white quilt from Tuesday Morning. I appreciate the time you put into hunting it down!

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