Cena Italiana con Gli Amici

We recently hosted two lovely young couples for an authentic (as close as I could get it!) Italian meal. As one of our guests is a native Italian🇮🇹, I wanted the setting to reflect the unfussy style of their region of birth…with my own twist, of course!😉

White on white with wisps of green was the perfect palette to allow the food to look its best. I made copycat Garozzo’s Restaurant dipping oil (you Kansas City area folk know what’s up!😋) and grated Parmigiano-Reggiano for each place setting.

Individual wine carafes at each place setting so each person could enjoy their favorite. And we drank A LOT of wine that night!🍷🍷🍷🍷😵‍💫

The faux olive branch centerpiece was a showstopper as guests arrived. It was later moved to a side surface and replaced with a massive platter of pasta for family-style self-service. I sure wish I would’ve had time to photograph that thing! I had meatballs the size of my fist on there!😜

I was tempted to buy plain white cups and saucers for after dinner espresso, but my Mom’s gold & white Dresden won out in the end. Turns out it was a hit as it precipitated deep conversation about world affairs and deceased parents.

I’m pretty sure I ate my weight in bread that night!🥖🥖🥖 Fresh herbs from my own deck garden (and oregano pilfered from my neighbor, Barbara!😇) were used for everything I cooked.

This was the starter that was placed on the table once the centerpiece was moved. Bowls of nuts went alongside the olives already on the table.

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This post dedication the memory of actor James Caan who passed away last week.

16 thoughts on “Cena Italiana con Gli Amici

  1. I absolutely love this table Dolores! I’m in the middle of downsizing, and plain, but beautiful white dishes appeal to me the most right now. Food looks best on white dishes! And the menu couldn’t have been more perfect. Ina Garten says that simple foods are the most elegant, and I believe that. Love the olive oil dip, but if I had been a guest I would have probably consumed three of those little dishes. Bread is my Achilles heel. Beautifully done!

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  2. How lovely! What a thoughtful hostess you are to provide a carafe at each place setting (I’ve done that with water but not with wine), as well as making up special dipping oil. Those tiny little dishes that hold the oil are too cute! The centerpiece of olive branches is something I long to create and hope, that sometime between now and when I die, my olive tree will have gotten big enough for me to use real branches. The antipasto plate that replaced your centerpiece looks mouthwateringly delicious. What a night this must have been. Stunning!

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  3. Laid back and elegant, I love it. Your centerpiece is so pretty, and a carafe at each setting, yes, please! You are the hostess with the mostess and I’m sure your guests were very pleased with the ambiance and the meal. Have a happy week!

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  4. That’s is so gorgeous and I want you to know next month I’m claiming Mexico, September England, October Germany, November Hawaii and in December I’ll be ready for my Italian dinner.

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  5. Just lovely Alycia! And how sweet of you to create that fabulous Italian vibe for your friends! I loved your “weight in bread” comment – this is something I do all the time! 🤣 You thought of every detail, and that centerpiece – be still my heart! Thanks for all the great ideas and wonderful inspiration!

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  6. Lovely white on white. I never thought of individual carafes for wine but that is a fun idea. Now I just need to find some wine drinkers in my little country town. Hard chore going to a small town Baptist church! 🙂
    Maybe when my sister and her hubby come visit. I love your mom’s Dresden, so elegant. I’ve been on a low carb torture plan so that bread and eating my weight in it sounds real good right about now!!

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  7. Wow Alycia you created a beautiful table. I’m sure your guests loved it. Love the oil dipping containers especially since I love to dip bread in oil mixtures! Wonderfully done.

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  8. Oh Alysia, I love your table and menu. So simple yet elegant, I would have loved to see the pasta and giant meatballs. I loved the individual items for each guest. Also, where did you find the little grated Parmigiano-Reggiano holders? You never disappoint with your attention to detail thanks for sharing. from a transplanted KC-dian to Florida, but still missing KC…LOL. Kari @ Me and My Captain

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  9. This is the epitome of When they say more is less, you nailed a the look of casual elegance . I’m thrilled you chose to use your mother’s dresden China..(she’s smiling for sure.

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  10. Your table is absolutely so stunning, Alycia! I love the faux olive branches and I want to look up that dip recipe for the bread. I LOVE your mom’s beautiful coffee cups. You’re the best hostess, and I know the couples enjoyed the evening.

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  11. Alycia, your Italian themed table is beautiful The simplicity of white and that faux olive tree is lovely.
    Your mom’s tea set is gorgeous. How special to use that. We love Italian food, so it was a treat to see your beautiful table. bella tavola italiana

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