Blue & White Chinoiserie With A Little Green Kiss

I had to Google the term “grandmillennial style” when it started making the rounds on Instagram. House Beautiful’s definition of “granny chic” threw me for a loop! Chinoiserie has been a favorite of mine long before I actually became a granny, and it will remain so. But define it as you will, here we are…granny chic in blue and white with a scandalous kiss of lime green.

I don’t think I have EVER used these Johnson Brothers “Blue Denmark” dinner plates in the 10+ years I’ve had them! They work perfectly with the beautiful yet sturdy cobalt blue-rimmed ceramic chargers I found on clearance a couple of years ago at Hobby Lobby. Centered on each plate is a cobalt short martini glass from Pier 1 in their heyday. A lime green cotton napkin adds a shock of unexpected color.

Faux bamboo flatware plays into the chinoiserie styling.

I didn’t keep much of the crystal from my Mom’s estate. Simply nowhere to store it all. So the few pieces I brought home with me, like her Mikasa “Innovation” crystal wine glasses, are extra special. I chose them for this tablescape as they complement the shape of the Pier 1 cobalt blue water glasses.

I found these 3 identical fabulous blue and white vases at Nell Hills in Kansas City, MO. It is one of my favorite places to shop these days, and the selection is always over the top…even in times of COVID! I like the way the willowy branches look in them! Towering glass candlesticks from Z Gallerie add a little height, while spiky white coral and a pair of shabby chic perforated lime green finials finish the look atop a blue and white plaid fabric runner.

So there you have it! “Granny chic” from a not-so-chic granny!🙃

If you would like to see more blue & white/chinoiserie/granmillinial/Granny chic posts on this site:

13 thoughts on “Blue & White Chinoiserie With A Little Green Kiss

  1. I hate words like “grandmillennial.” Right off the bat that tells me the age and level of experience of the writer who coined that term. What your stunningly beautiful table represents is classic style. I love that pop of green.


  2. This is a family favorite color combination because of our enjoyment of the Seattle Sounders Soccer team . It’s their team colors. Your table holds it’s own with this stand out combination. I’m a huge fan of Johnson Bros. dishes. It’s hard to walk away from them.


  3. That’s sharp! I wish Nell Hill’s was near me, great finds. And so are those chargers from HL. Never used the dinner plates??? That’s a LOT of rejections for those poor JBs that are so beautiful.


  4. I just love blue and white china and porcelain pieces! Really pretty table, love the willow branches, the big glass candlesticks and the green pop of color! Heck I’d leave the table this way just to enjoy it!


  5. No matter the moniker given to your style it is impeccable and always inspirational. I love the pop of lime green from the napkins and paired with the cobalt blue and white it makes quite a statement. Those mini martini glasses are so cute and make me really miss Pier 1. Have a fun and peaceful weekend!


    • Can you tell I’ve not been on my site for a little while? Girrrrrrllllll….I don’t know WHAT in the world is wrong with me these days!!! I think spending so much time working out just cuts into my day so deeply. I enjoy working out and know it’s good for me, but it really eats up the time!

      I miss Pier 1, too. It really ticks me off that so many places have abandoned their physical stores in favor of the Internet. It’s crazy! How on earth are we supposed to know exactly what we’re getting??!?!?


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